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    I have an G3 800Mhz ibook. I want to upgrade my ram. Has anyone purchased from http://www.1stchoicememory.com/ ? I've used their ram in my girlfriend's window box. I was pretty satisfied concidering it was so cheap. Anyone try it in an ibook?
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    I just walk into a local computer parts dealer get four 512M DDR400 Sumsang OEM memory sticks for my Powermac G5, they works flawlessly and stable like rock. I also did a comparison between Kingston memory with Sumsang in my system, results shows there is NO performance difference on my machine.

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    I'm sure there's rarely - if ever - a performance difference. There have just been postings of kernel panics, etc., from cheap RAM.

    I don't mean to imply that cheap RAM is always, or even often, bad. Just that it is more likely that there will be problems, although, granted, the likelihood is still small.

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