2.1 update changed the Podcast list?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sonictonic, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Since the 2.1 update the list of Podcasts on my Apple TV no longer shows the description and show length on the left side when a podcast is selected. Now it just shows "1 episode" and no other info. What on earth was the point in getting rid of this info? Why would Apple do this?

    I liked having that information there and I used it! :(

    I sent feedback to Apple at http://www.apple.com/feedback/appletv.html and if you guys feel the same please do the same!

    Also, I have some listed that are now out of alphabetical order. How did this happen?

    Btw, I only have "unwatched/unlistened" to podcasts being sync'd over, so the list isn't all that big.

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    My podcast section didn't change with the update. I still have all the info on the left when selecting a podcast just like I did prior to the latest update.
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    Really? :confused:

    HOW could it have changed with mine? :(

    PS - The alphebetical issue was solved by going into another section, then back into Podcasts. :rolleyes: I dunno about this, seems like something is not as stable as the last firmware version.
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    Can anyone else verify this is supposed to be what happens?

    I need to know if my update is corrupted or something. I am surprised I have not heard anyone else complaining about this. :confused:
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    Sorry to bump this up again after almost a month, but this is clearly a bug. I fully restored my Apple TV and still have the same problem. I know I cannot be the only one experiencing this. The one poster who replied in this thread perhaps didn't understand what I'm saying. The info still show up within a group of multiple podcasts of the same show, but if you only have one episode of many podcasts, the info is no longer displayed. I am also having a problem with the blue dots not showing new podcast episodes until I get out of the menu and back in.

    This update is really frustrating me and I want to know why they have not addressed this yet. Is it because I am the only human being on the planet who cares? This is so frustrating! :mad:

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