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2 15" MBPs: 1 Feeler/1 FS 2.16 Glossy 2GB 250GB / 2.2 SR 15 matte 4gb ram 120gb hd

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by kgarchar, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Looking for $2250 for a MacBook Pro, PRISTINE condition (ran it lid closed and barely moved it since date of purchase on oct 5 07) bt mouse and HB

    Specs are

    2.2 GHZ SR
    120gb HD
    4GB ram
    Matte display

    Other feeler is 2.16 GHZ Glossy MBP


    250GB HD
    2GB Ram
    some dings, scratches

    possibly looking for $1700-1800

    PM for details on either
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    You won't get close to either of those prices for either MBP's.

    The First one you mention is the 2.2GHz SR. These are only $1999 new, direct from Apple. and the extra RAM can be picked up for around $100-$150

    Therefore, you'd be looking at a maximum of $1700-$1800 for the 2.2 SR and probably $1500 for the scratched 2.16GHz.
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    Unfortunately, maybe even less after tomorrow.
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    Another MR user sold his 2.2 MBP for $1700 shipped on eBay.

    Yours has an extra 2GB which can be found for $40 so $1740 shipped and w8ing4intelmacs is right, the value can be lower depending on Macworld tomorrow.

    Refurbished 2.2 MBP go for $1700 as well, $1800 shipped including tax.

    For your asking price of $2250, I can get a brand new MBP (without educ. discount) and still have $65 leftover. $1999 + 6.25% tax + $60 (2x2GB RAM) = $2185 shipped.

    A brand new MBP (with educ. discount) is $1799 + 6.25% tax + $60 (2x2GB RAM) = $1971 shipped.

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