2.4 GHz phone interference with Airport Express

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by debroglie, Aug 20, 2004.

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    Everytime someone is on my cordless phone I lose my airtunes and express connections. Is there any fix for this?
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    It depends. If the base of the phone is close to your Airport Express, try moving it to another location (either the Exp, or the base). That may help.

    But in all likeliness, the signal from the handset is just too strong. The only real remedy for that is changing to a 900MHz or 5GHz phone - get out of the 2.4 band!

    It would be funny if by some (impossible, I know) fluke, the express picked up a phone conversation and played it over your stereo, though. How funny would depend on the conversation.

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    turn off automatic setting of the channel in your config menu.1,6,11 are the non-overlapping channels. use macstumbler to check to make sure another base station isn't on that channel. other than that, you probably need to get another phone if this doesn't work.

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    Change channels on the Airport. Does Airport Express have an "interference robustness" setting? If so, enable it. Then try not to have the phone and the Airport near each other. They both run at 2.4ghz and can mess each other up. It's just simple interference.
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    The "use interference robustness" seems to be working just fine right now, thanks! otherwise if it starts again I'll try switching channels
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    The issue is that you have a real good 2.4 GHZ phone that cost a bit of money. I had the same issue with my Plantronics phone. After some research I found that the more expensive phone that give you great clarity and range pumps out a very strong signal that bleedd onto the other channels which causes you to lose connection.

    My resolution was that I bought a $34.00 GE 2.4 GHz phone and the issue goes away. So now my $150.00 Plantronics phone sits in my closet waiting to go on eBay.

    Hope that helps. :)

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