2.4GHz UMB vs 2.53GHz MBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ikos, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Just wondering how much of a performance gain the new 13" 2.53GHz MBP will have over my 2.4GHz UMB?
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    Math, fourth grade I think:

    (100/2.4)*2.54 = 105.41666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666....

    So about five percent faster.

    And 4GB more RAM.
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    I would like to say....

    1 or 2 seconds faster opening up apps.

    So if you were in a rush - to open up a document - and needing to print it ASAP - to run that across the office - to hand to your boss - before signing a multi-million dollar business deal - and he doesn't know that it had lots of flaws and falsely listed stuff on its financial statement - I would say.. GO FOR IT!!!! ~ if you needed that extra 2 seconds.

    But if you wanted to just browse the web, its up to you.

    But seriously, I think its only 2 seconds faster MAYBE 3 if you don't breathe on it.

    BUT including the 4gb of RAM, then yes, you can add on a couple of more seconds quicker (not faster) to getting to your boss.
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    Ok I know it was a pretty silly question, I guess im just upset at myself for not waiting to get the new one. I got mine on May 8th. I just did not expect such a big upgrade!
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    I feel for you. Don't be upset, i don't think many people were expecting it. If i remember many people here were advising newbies that this is a conference for developer and not for laptop upgrades (i raise my hand, i was one of these guys). Try to enjoy what you have and always remember that technology always change and even the people who waited, maybe surprised about what is going to happen in 3 months time.
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    I'll probably feel better about it when I put 4GB of ram into my Macbook, and get Snow Leopard in September.
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    I am sure you will, especially the ram. :)
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    Does Intel make all these different little increment speed CPU's or whats the deal? It kinda looks dumb having all these CPU's with small little differences.
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    don't be bummed...the upgrade is not monumental. The CPU is a tad better, just go get your 4GB of RAM at newegg.com for like $60-$70. I have the same laptop as you, the only true thing I am bummed about is the SD slot and the FW. Something about non-detachable battery bugs me though, so the 7 hours is a definite plus in most users, but I want a detachable personally...Always have, always will. 7 hours is something to clap about really. Job Well done :apple: But, I do wish they could make their new lithium polymer in a detachable - maybe for engineering reason they can't? The new 13" MBP doesn't have discrete graphics either like most MBP's. I mean they are basically pretty damn close, unless you are a huge FW fan, but you knew that was not a feature going into your purchase.

    I mean, some people on here think it is a collector's item, so some may say it is worth something to an apple enthusiasts(who cares though). But, if you need an SD, and really need 7 hours of battery of life. You may want to try and resell it, before you build a relationship closer than Starsky & Hutch ;)

    ...if you do all the work of reselling it - :p you mine as well wait for a BlackBook alu uni when it comes out :p, or may be a Verizon iPhone 3Gs ...if not, how about an iPod Touch 64GB with Cemera/video :eek::p:eek::p (my wants..LOL)

    ...it's up to you, if you need the 7 hours and SD go resell it before you get accustomed to it. the gain in CPU is so so minimal.

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    The firewire doesn't really matter, I'm about to by a new camera and will make sure it uses USB. The battery would be nice and the better screen also( I wonder how much better it is then my 9CA8?) but I guess I should think of myself lucky to have this computer and enjoy it.
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    Ok, I've been trying to ask this question but no one seems to answer it. With Snow Leopard will I be able to use 8GB or more in my 2.4 UMB?

    The reason I ask is because of what it says on the Apple Snow Leopard website;

    "Today’s Mac computers can hold up to 32GB of physical memory, but the 32-bit applications that run on them can address only 4GB of RAM at a time. 64-bit computing shatters that barrier by enabling applications to address a theoretical 16 billion gigabytes of memory, or 16 exabytes."

    Will I be able to run 16GB or more memory in my 2.4 UMB?
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    no just six in our 2.4GHz uni models, and 8 in the new 13"MBPs

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    So we are limited by the hardware and not by the software? I always thought it was 4 right now. 6 is good and enough for me.
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    I believe you have the same screen as the new 13" MBP...I may be mistaken.

    someone prove me wrong, I am guessing>>>
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    SteveMobs, love the UN :p

    I only know that it is 6 from other threads on this site. You need a thread that I read last week. It has to be on here somewhere?


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    ...but only if you're doing a CPU-bound task, something like handbrake. For most applications, the difference will be zero.
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    i will love my macbook until the day it dies which will be hopefully in 5 years. PROUD owner of a CE aluminum macbook
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    I just did this very upgrade, and to be honest, it does not feel any quicker. I had 4gb in the UMB and the MBP has 4gb too. The UMB is a very snappy machine - it will be even better under Snow Leopard.

    The 2.4 was fast enough for most tasks, and I don't really do any heavy lifting with the machine. I did the upgrade because of the screen issues and because with edu discount and the free iPod, I can basically get a better machine, sell the old one and the iPod and break even.

    Had my uMB not had negative black screen issues, I probably would not have bothered.

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