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2.93 Quad (2009) upgrade to 3.33 Hexacore???

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by bobbydaz, Sep 18, 2010.

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    I need to buy an extra MP for our studio and as head of department I normally have the newest Mac and pass on my old one to another designer, but it's always a hassle transferring over all my data and settings. So my dilemma is, is it really worth upgrading my 2.93 to a 3.33 hex, am really going to notice that much real word difference? The easy option would be to stick with what I've got and get a 2010 quad for the new designer meaning only 1 Mac to set up and install. Any performance results yet for 2009 v 2010 Mac pros?
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    If you get a new machine, the swap is just a matter of switching the drives and then performing an Archive and Install to make sure you have the right drivers.
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    Not that simple as the 2010 MPs are 10.6 only and my 2.93 is on 10.5.
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    Do a timemachine back up on your old machine, then use migration assistant on the new machine to import your old machine's data. It should bring the new machine right back where you left off on the old machine.
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    So will that work even if old machine is on 10.5 and new is on 10.6?
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    Yes, at least it worked for me. Just make sure your apps are compatible with 10.6
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    Well then I'd upgrade to 10.6 and then do the swap.

    For the old machine (that you're passing off), install 10.6 or 10.5… just wipe the drive and install.
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    Ok so it looks like I will be upgrading from 2009 2.93 to 2010 3.33 Hex but looking for the easiest way to transfer my data.

    Could I just simply remove these drives from my old mac and install into the new one?

    1. SSD Boot 10.6.4 (currently in optical bay 2)

    2. 2x 1tb in RAID 0 - all data.

    I know moving the data drives shouldn't be a problem, but will the new mac boot okay or will it require different software/extensions for Westmere?
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    The hex will NOT boot with your old boot drive.

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    Oh damn! thanks for the answer, i thought that might be the case.

    So could I used TimeMachine to bring in my Boot drive data and just install the RAIDS?

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