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2 GB Stick of RAM? When did this happen?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by phanofwclark, Oct 12, 2005.

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    if you look at the new specs for the iMac, it seems that one of the sticks is stuck in the computer like the mac mini, and you can get a 2 GB stick as a BTO option... its another 1k dollars, but could this potentially mean up to 16 GB in the Power Mac when it is upgraded?

    or is this not new at all and i'm just out of the loop....?
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    Geez...I wonder if it is true? I'm still trying to figure out if a 1GB PC133 will fit in my Quicksilver slots.
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    yes with DDR2 you can do that
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    It's a bit limitting though. The new iMac can handle 2.5Gb total, but to do that you need to spend $'s on a single 2Gb chip, rather than the cheaper option of 2x1Gb and a more subtle upgrade path as with the 'old' iMac.

    I think most people may settle for 1.5Gb total because of the difference in price:-

    1Gb = ~CDN$175
    2Gb = ~CDN$700+

    1.5Gb is still a lot of memory though!
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    There are no 1 Gb PC133 DIMMs compatible with Mac, so don't worry about that on the Quicksilver.

    The DDR-2 RAM in the new iMac is completely different from the prior DDR RAM. The next generation G5 or MacTel towers will certainly be using DDR-2

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    But are 2 GB sticks new, even if they cost about 1000 dollars??

    haven't seen RAM sticks increase in size in a long time, or i just haven't noticed...
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    They're new for Apple. They've been out for a while (not entirely sure for how long) but this is the first time Apple has utilized them.
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    Blast! I'll beat you one day 1.5GB max RAM!

    *shakes fist*

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    Current Macs support that much RAM in the OS?!?
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    Yep up to 8GB in some PowerMacs. I think thats only a hardware limitation, the OS itself may be able to use more than that.
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    Why cant it be boosted to 4 gigs? Mebe processor power? If so that would mean that the new powermacs should be able to support a he** of alot of ram.
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    I believe I read somewhere that the OS can use up to 16 GB of RAM. It will be interesting to see how many RAM slots Apple puts in the Power Macs once they get DDR2. If they leave it at 8 it could cost over $20,000 for the computer and RAM (if you really wanted 16 GB of RAM). :eek:
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    I (as always) don't remember the exact figure, but OS X can address multiple TERABYTES of RAM if hardware allows.

    As to the 2 gig sticks...call me in three years when the prices match the usefulness. If I absolutely need 2.5 gigs of RAM, I'm probably going to be unsatisfied with a consumer Mac anyway.
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    Okay, so it could theoretically address 16 EXABYTES (billion billion), but is limited by the G5 processor to a measly 4 terabytes.
    Here's a link from Apple, which lays it out pretty well.
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    Wow imagine having 2.25 GB of ram in my 12" Powerbook :eek: That would be sweet. But realistically would that much ram be utilised effectively or is it just overkill?
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    I always feel like a jerk answering a question like this, but it really does all depend.

    If you regularly use that much RAM, then it's worth it. If not, it's not.

    I would say that 98% of computer users don't normally run their usage that high, so I guess the short answer is it's probably not worth it.
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    good lord, $1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    Wonderful, eh?
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    I think I remember seeing 2 GB sticks a long time ago but the price wasn't for mere mortals compared to 512s. I loved the fact that I had 8 slots available for memory on my G5 to give me the option to use smaller and cheaper sticks.

    For less money than this single 2 GB stick it was cheaper to buy 8 GBs of memory and a 2nd SATA 250 GB internal drive. :eek:
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    Where did you get your ram?? I don't think I've seen a reputable RAM place sell 1gb sticks for less that $150 or so a piece.

    $150x8 = $1200 plus at least a hundred for the drive, so $1300. Isn't the 2gb stick $1000?
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    The Xserve has been offering 2GB sticks for a long time.....so 16GB Xserves are for sale...and has been for months ;)
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    my thoughts exactly
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    While this is true, how many people here really pay attention to the xserve line? I know I really don't. Way out of my price range and although they are cool, I have no use for them.
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    Yeah...same here, but trying to bring some people back to earth....WHAT 2GB at 1000+ buck WTF....c'mon........every new type technology is epensive before it is in the mainstream :cool:
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    Yeah, it goes to tell you what a rip-off Apple's BTO memory prices are. OWC charges only $339 plus S&H (2GB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz).

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