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2 Literary Giants Written Off

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by IJ Reilly, Mar 18, 2005.

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    IJ Reilly

    More PC, right wing style.

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    Uummmmmmm yeah.... Aren't most great literary figures people who've come from outside the mainstream? I mean come on, aren't most of whom we'd consider great American literary types more often than not the tortured soul? Steinbeck? Poe? Twain? Hurston? Dickenson? Faulkner? Hemingway? Frost? Thoreau? Emerson? Fitzgerald? I mean come on, None of those that I know of could come close to being called someone who had traditional family values.

    I suppose they could call them the Ayn Rand rooms and the PC crowd would be happy.

    And FWIW, To Build A Fire and The Call of the Wild are both read by HS students, at least here in CA. I never detected any red-leaning philosophy in either of those stories.
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    Thomas Veil

    Wow...at last a series of arguments which I can answer with a single word:


    What a bunch of dumb***es. Maybe on those bases, they could just ban Christie's and London's books outright. Their nice little community could hold a bonfire and burn them, and ethnic, political and intellectual purity would be upheld in their pleasant little town.
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    When I lived in Russia, I found it incredibly interesting the list of American authors that Russians who grew up in the Soviet Union knew about. Jack London was absolutely at the top. Why? Well, people I talked to said that it was because he was a frontiersman and his writing about Alaska translated very well to the Russian experience in Siberia. Why else? When I mentioned he was a communist, people there said shrugged it off. I mean, he wrote about dogs. This isn't Upton Sinclair we're talking about.
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    they should name the rooms Koontz and King and carry on with their sad little lives.

    no, wait, they should seek corporate sponsorship, and end up calling them the Penzoil and Pringle rooms.
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    First and foremost, I'd like to say that Jack London was NOT a communist. He was a socialist. There is a big difference between the two and it really gets my goat when the right wingers get the two (intentionally?) confused. Communism is a form of socialism (an extreme form, IMO, what with its lack of private property and all).

    Second, I agree with Thomas Veil: why should it matter? Are we not a country of opposing viewpoints? And if those viewpoints don't advocate hate, violence, etc., why should we shun those who hold them? Isn't dissent a vital part of our democracy?

    I fear this is just another attempt by the right to reform history to their own skewed perspective.

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    IJ Reilly

    I like that suggestion, considering what El Segundo has going for them (oil rigs and the roar of climbing 747s). They also fail to mention that Jack London basically drank himself to death. Not exactly the best role model for the kiddies.

    I wish the El Segundo City Council luck finding any great authors who are associated with the city. At this point, they'd be fortunate to find any who are actually being read there.
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    I didn't realize that there is a requirement for views to be "mainstream." Whatever that means these days it is completely stupid to describe a place as being both "mainstream" and 'Mayberry.'

    Exactly what and whose traditional values are being quoted here. The political right have become very bad at Democracy, not so good with sharing.

    Democracy to me is not all that much different from socialism. In fact, it's considered to be a form of it in some circles. Just another name, but more palatable apparently as it does not have the same connotations as socialism.

    Why Socialism, by Albert Einstein

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    Great post, Taft. Not only wasn't London a communist, but in many areas he was a reactionary. He may not have coined the term "Yellow Peril" but he was one of the most well know advocates of restricting immigration from China. London may or may not have been a great author, but his mixed bag of politics is hardly germane to the discussion of his literary legacy.

    As to Christie, what does her citizenship have to do with anything? Since when should library reading rooms only be named after the native born? Maybe we better chuck that Billy Shakespeare guy. I hear he may not be a real american too.
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    IJ Reilly

    I fear you are seeking logic and reason where it cannot be found...
  11. Ugg
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    Next on El Segundo's agenda is to ban all books not written in America by American authors, then of course will come the cleansing of those written by authors who don't agree with their "conservative values" which will lead to one book left in the library, the bible. Well, maybe a few of coulter's and limbaugh's and joe mccarthy's bile.

    Is it really coming to this?
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    This is by far one of the stupidest things I've read in recent weeks. The logic (and I use the term oh, so loosely) going on south of LAX is amazing.

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    How about a Bukowski room? He lived down in the LA area....
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    IJ Reilly

    Good thinking! He probably went on a bender in El Segundo at least once. The city could even erect a statue to him, but to be accurate, it'd have to be posed prone or slumped over a juke box.

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