20" Cinema Black Spot!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kjdenison, Jan 5, 2004.

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    I bought my Display in I believe it was july of last year, i accidently when bringing it home from school, even with as good of care as i took of it , must of gotten it pressed in with something, now in the upper left corner there is about a 1" light black blob. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! really all the help with what i might be able to do for a return or if there is a way to fix it?? thanks! I am not someone that has a lot of money to just buy another!
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    Try to call apple and get it fixed.
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    will they help?

    do you think that it can be resolved?? i dont want to call and wait on hold for an hour if i cant. thank you
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    It sounds like a Hardware problem. You either call apple and wait on the phone or you leave it as is. If this were my screen, I would call them right away and get it fixed.
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    I suggest taking it into an Apple Store. Phone Support hasn't been too reliable.
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    but i believe this is my fault as an accident. Trying to move it from one place to another. Do you think they will tell me tough luck? I will definatley be calling them because the closest AppleStore is a good 3.5 hours away. thanks guys.
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    Just dont tell them what actually happened, dont say i was taking it from here to there just say i turned on my computer and whoa ther was a black blob.
    Thats the thing with a warranty if you know its your fault you cant tell the truth or it tuff luck.
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    Don't mention it ... just say you turned it on this morning and it appeared.

    Maybe this is ethically wrong, but who cares... Apple must have a huge markup on those things.
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    so i will do what then? will they send me a new one, or do i have to send this in first for evaluation?
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    They will either fix it or give you a new one. I don't know if you can fix an lcd? They will take care of all the shipping,etc. so don't worry about it. Let us now what happened after you call them.
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    You'll need to send it in for evaluation. My closest Apple store is 3 hours away. It is worth it. I would have had to pay $1000 but because I went to the AppleStore first (the phone support actually called the St. Louis store to verify if what I said was true). Though your case might warrant a valid no since it was accidental damage, but I've heard so people convince AppleCare people different. Oh and unless you got the extended warranty you only have 90 days of phone support. Which means you'll be billed for the call. Longdistance and it is possible that it'll take longer than 30min.
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    Don't make the mistake by telling them it was your fault, because you are not sure it is. Say "they just appeared" and that "you took care of it like a baby".
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    how to handle it

    After 25 minutes of hold...

    -hello this is mackie from apple how may i help you?
    -Yes I'm calling because my 20 in. studio display is black in a corner
    -and what were the events leading to this?
    -i came in this morning as i usually do and when i turned it on as i usually do it was like i tell you, black in a corner.
    -yes, (gulp) really.
    -ok give me a sec... um yeah youll have to bring it over to the store so we can check it out...
    -ive heard that powerbooks displays show spots, this is what i get for buying from apple, im switching back to pc--
    -ok sir, no need to bring it over, well just send you a new one... can i have your address?

    happy exchange!
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    thanks everyone! I will be calling probley tomorrow, I will let everyone know what happens.
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    Re: how to handle it

    hahaha Thats funny, but knda wrong at the same time Oh Well

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