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20"cinema display won't plug in??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fjs08, Dec 25, 2003.

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    Hi, Merry Christmas.
    Well, Santa brought me a brand spanking new 20" cinema display, but the plug on the cinema display and the female side of my 15" Ti-Book don't match. Is there an adapter or can I just use it via the USB ports on the back of the monitor if I plug that into the notebook????

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    I think that the USB is to make the monitor into a usb hub, not for picture transmission. The plug on your PB is a DVI plug and the plug on the monitor is ADC, soo, you need an adapter. Can someone suggest a good one?
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    Hummm, I'm a bit #$%%^& that the guy at the Apple store on Michigan Ave in Chicago didn't happen to mention that nice tidbit of information. I've had the monitor for 5 weeks.

    I didn't think the USB ports were for display. HEE HEE, guess it was just pure despiration to see the monitor in action<g>

    Does Apple send this stuff out?? I'll have to check via their web site. Thanks for the info on Christmas day. I appreciate it.

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    you'll be needing this guy:


    As posted above, the USB ports are to connect peripherals to your system, not to connect the computer to the monitor. I doubt you'd hurt anything plugging it in, but it most assuredly will not work.

    The adapter, by the way, is $99 from Apple. I don't know if any other adapters exist...

    edit: just saw your post, if the salesperson didn't mention it, i would complain. it won't get you an adapter, but that's just poor salesmanship.

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    That's freakin' expensive for an adapter. There are other adapters, I've seen them in catalogs, but this way you don't have to go searching for one.
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    Glad I checked out your post and url link. I saw what looked like an adapter for $ 39 on the Apple site, but it was just a small cable. Looks like I really need this huge adapter.
    Just to confirm. I have the Powerbook 15" Titanium Powerbook, not the newer 15" that is in the same family as the 12" and 17". This adapter you mentioned is the one I need?? sure looks like it from the web site.
    Oh, I will call the Apple store tomorrow and mention their little bit of forgetfullness.

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    Just checked my book that came with the Powerbook. It indeed is a DVI. Thanks for all the help I appreciate it.

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    Did you happen to mention that you were hooking up to your powerbook to the saleman? If you didn't tell him that then it's really not his fault. I think the cheap adapter you saw was just the DVI-VGA one, definately not what you need. The only 2 that will do what you want to do are the Apple DVI-ADC box and the Dr. Bott one. They do the same thing and are relatively the same design only by 2 different companies
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    >>id you happen to mention that you were hooking up to your powerbook to the saleman?<<

    By all means. My external monitor now needs an adapter and it was the first thing I asked. The reply was if it is mac to mac, you just have to plug it in. No kidding, and this at an Apple Store (downtown Chicago)

    >> Apple DVI-ADC box <<

    I found it on ClubMac and placed an overnite order for it. I guess Santa has to make another run<g>.
    Thanks for the note.
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    psycho bob

    the cheapest adapter for dvi to adc seems to be made by formac. I've seen it in the UK for £58 don't know if you get it in the USA though.
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    Santas a pretty nice biatch to you :D Too bad i slept with his wife...all I got was pc software...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loool :D

    yea doesn't it suck when you want to use something and find out you need something else to make it work? pisses me off. and the guy at the store should say something. s/he should ask..oh is this going to be connected to a Powermac or a portable mac? DUH.

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