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20" or 23" Display???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by BWhaler, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I have purchased a new 20" display which is due to be delivered at the end of the month.

    But I am starting to have buyers remorse, mainly since I want to be happy with the display for 4-5 years. I think the biggest thing I am concerned about is the lack of HighDef.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't need the bigger display today. I use my Mac for using Office and iApps work, and 20" should be more than enough. (It's why I selected it.)

    But, is the 22" a better buy for the future? With HD and a bigger size, it may be better if I get into video editing for home movies?

    Also, I don't want a monster display on my desk, but with the small bevels now maybe it won't be as formidable as the old displays.

    Any thoughts? I'd appreciate any advice you have. I'm not looking for a reason to drop 700 more bucks, but I can't stop wondering.


  2. jsw
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    I have the 'old' 20", and it works great for me. It's a fantastic monitor, and the new one is even better. HD isn't going to look terrible on it - it's just (maybe) going to get scaled down, the same way DVDs get scaled up on it now.

    Also, many of the video pros in this forum tend to recommend multiple monitors for video work, so that $700 you save could go a long way towards a nice 17"-20" secondary monitor, which would give you more total pixels than the one 23".

    That said, the 23" is, obviously, bigger. Noticeably bigger. With more screen real estate for looking at docs in higher res. If you watch movies, they'll look better. True HD. You scroll less when web surfing. But - is that worth $700? Hard to say.

    Basically, day-to-day, you won't miss the 23" if you get the 20" (not to say you wouldn't prefer it, just that you won't spend your days wondering why in god's name you didn't buy it). If you never watch movies on it, but tend to edit them on it, you'll probably be happier with two smaller displays for about the same price as the 23".

    And if all you want to do is edit home movies... the 20" will be just fine.
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    Stay with the 20". With the 23", you'll be taxing your GPU more and the HD in most cases will hardly be noticeable.

    Best wishes,
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    I don't think you are going to be making home HD movies any time soon (or in the next few years) as the cheapest consumer HD camera is over $4000.

    For home movies you will probably go DV which at native resolution only takes up about 1/4 of my 17" screen (720 x 480?).

    If you were thinking about HDTV or HD movies on it you will probably find it inconvenient on a computer.

    I have done tons of movies (for non-profit orginazitions) on my 17" and 15" before that. So, you are in great shape!!! :D
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    The highest resolution fixed pixel HDTV monitor has 1366 x 768 pixels. Your 20" monitor has 1680 x 1050 pixels. It won't match the 23" or the 30" monitors, but it is more than adequate to edit HD content.
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    JVC's GR-HD1 Hi-Def Camcorder is only US$2195 at B&H. I'll be going with the 23" Cinema Display and doing HD Video editing much sooner than even I expected.
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    That actually pretty cool to hear. Sorry I was talking in Canadian dollars here as that is how much it is a my local camera shop.

    Still, if this guy is saying "if I get into video editing for home movies" it is most likely that he will end up with a $500-$1000 camera.

    Damn the HD1 looks nice. When you get it could you do a little review or post some footage? :D

    EDIT: Psst.

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    Heh. It's in the future for me. Gotta pay off the forthcoming 23" Cinema first. I just recently picked up a Panasonic 3CCD Camcorder (PV-GS200) which provided the most "bang for the buck" in my price range. The JVC HD1 only has 1 CCD and although the price is good, I'm going to wait for a 3 CCD HD Camera that is less than $1500. May be a year, but I think I can wait!

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