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20 People in line

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by Matthew Yohe, Jan 14, 2008.

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    And here are the first Users conference people.

    They split up the Users conference and Superpass lines this year.

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    awesome pic. i am glad to see we are doing more line pics this year like we did for the iphone. keep em coming.
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    i'm jealous.

    can't wait to order my macbook air in about 12 hours :p

    chase :apple:
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    I will be there next year you guys!!! (At 8 PM!)
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    thank you Arn!!
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    how many do they seat for this keynote?
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    sitting, waiting, wishing...
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    What a waste of a hotel room, I bet all those people are staying in hotels and yet could have saved a night by checking in later ;).
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    Sitting, watching, waiting in Berlin! I'm trusting on you to keep me informed.
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    Sitting, waiting with bated breath, watching, refreshing here in the Netherlands!
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    the faithful arrive
    sitting refreshing wishing
    for the opening
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    Are there any "live" blogs of people queuing.
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    the guy in the chair on the left looks like kevin rose :D
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    according to my iPhone its 01:30 in SF!!

    These events are becoming mental!! lol..

    although if i was there i'd be in the queue too!! ;)
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    posting from the keynote line via iPhone. Note: very cold. Google guys had gargantuan tent.
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    What time will the keynote be live as I live in the UK

    And im just in from work tiered & hungry but don't want to miss anything :D

    All the best
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    I wish I was there. I wish next year CES would allow Jobs to do their keynote to share the experience with non Apple fans. That might even help drive up marketshare. Gates is not even in the same league with this keynote.
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    Why in this age of such amazing technology and streaming over the internet and stuff... do we still have to get into long lines like that one?

    Come on... doesn't Apple have it's user friendly alternative to standing in line? Or having to fly their to see it?

    They should stream it live to a couple hundred theaters... or why not in the Apple Store? They should give live coverage in the Apple store...
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    There was a live stream that everybody could see until some years ago.
    What a pity apple cancelled that and brings us the show only a few hours later.
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    5pm. look at the countdown on the www.macrumors.com page. :p
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    Ummm... yes, they do. SuperPass holders don't have to wait in line. So pay more money and you don't have to wait. Also there are overflow rooms at the conference, so you can see it on closed-circuit TV if you don't want to wait in line. Everyone at the conference gets to see it live. Also they are putting it on closed-circuit TV for press in london, so those folks can see it too.

    My guess as to why they don't open it to a wider audience is because they want to give an incentive for people to actually attend the conference.
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    Not really. IDG runs the show... separate from Apple, who is technically just an exhibitor. If I'm right, MacWorld Boston went on without Apple a few years ago.
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    At about 4:45 I counted 370.

    Its now 5:06, media everywhere now they have had everyone stand and condense the line. I assume we will be inside shortly.

    I'm about 70 back.
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    Dont count on being let in too early. Last year it was a lot later then many of us wanted.

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