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20" rev.B iMac, your pretty neat !

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by NapaCoach, May 30, 2005.

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    this is my very first apple & i really like it
    i like it so much that im going to replace every PC in my house

    after living with the 20" for a week i dont think i use a 17"(nothing against the 17" iMac i just need to over compensate for my small weiner)

    anyone think a 23" is in the works ?
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    Nope, way to expensive for a consumer machine.

    Display prices tend to go up logarithmically with the size.
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    It's just a matter of time, I think when I am ready to replace the iMac 20" I have they may be available.
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    think they will bring back colored iMac's ?
    the color ware iMacs sure look fun
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    I got my 20" a few days ago. Had some issues with my Superdrive which suddenly worked well this morning after a loudish click upon rebooting.

    I have to say that I love the size of the screen. Once you've had 20" you won't go back. :eek:
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    Hi, I'm a math geek, and I think you meant exponentially instead of logarithmically. Logarithmic increases would mean as the displays get larger and larger, the increase in the price from one model to the next gets smaller and smaller, until there is almost no difference at all. Exponential increases mean the price goes up a lot as the screen gets bigger, and the bigger the screens, the bigger the jump in price.

    Class dismissed!
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    Thanks for the explanation of what logarithmically means. I knew what exponentially meant but couldn't really think of what logarithmically would be...and I'm a math geek too :( ...maybe I'm just tired ;).
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    I would love a 23 inch iMac...ooooh it would be very sexy. Imagine something like this:

    2.2GHZ 23inch
    400Gb HD
    ATI 9800 GPU
    1 gig RAM
    Superdrive DL

    that would be one awesome, iMac.
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    In a 23", why not make it a dual processor G5?
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    "2.2GHZ 23inch
    400Gb HD
    ATI 9800 GPU
    1 gig RAM
    Superdrive DL

    i would pay 3k for that set up
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    Very good explanation . . . I was going to jump on Canada Ram as well had you not. :)
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    Why not include PCI-X slots while we're at it ;)
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    Pistol Pete

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    your right thats what i was getting at but did not want to bring up the word flavors :D
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    Are your Rev. B iMacs quite? There seems to be some variability in the noise produced by the fans in the current Rev. B models. My 17-inch Rev. B sounds like a vacuum cleaner and the techs at the "genius bar" said it was normal. How they can tell in a loud Apple store boggles my small brain. I am not sure I can live with the noise so I am debating on just returning it and paying the 160-dollar fee (that is how load it is) or exchanging it for a 20 inch in the hopes it is quieter. I love the machine but it is so hard to work at due to the noise. I went to bed last night after working at it for a few hours and I still had the whine of the fans in my head.
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    I believe that the variability is due in part to the sensitivity of the user. When someone on the forums talks about how loud their iMac is and someone else says theirs is whisper quiet, for all we know they sound the same. I admit that there are some bad apples out there but it is probably not as wide spread as it would seem from these boards. If you haven't tried setting the processor level to auto, you may want to give that a try. Otherwise, you may want to do an even exchange for the same model and see if that fixes the problem. The 20" should be quieter based on reason but reason is often not grounds for a solid assumption.
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    Yep,have to agree the iMac 20" Rev B is pretty suave.
    A 23" iMac? maybe.
    I like the idea of a Special Edition iMac like the U2 iPod, I also lik the colour theme on it.

    Back to the grinde of installing stuff onto iMac - got it last nite.
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    I have had my 20" iMac for about a week now.. I was really wanting the 23' but couldn't justify the $$$ for a powermac. The 20" iMac seemed small at the apple store.. until I got it home. Man it's awesome...

    yeah.. I'm lovin' it...

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    It makes your desk look so empty...I am getting my 20inch on Saturday I cant wait
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    The processor setting does not help. Even on reduced with all the fans at their base speed: CPU fan at 1500 RPM, Hardrive fan 2500, and system fan at 2000 the iMac is loud. It penetrates ones brain. I was tempted to tell the guy at the "Genius bar" that I would be happy with a floor model if it was quiet. I went around the Apple store and listened to all the imacs. There is a noticable difference in noise and vibration amongst the different units. There was one at the front that was so quite and still it was unreal.
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    $543 seems a little high to simply change the case color on a computer. A can of Krylon would be much cheaper......(he says ducking). :rolleyes:
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    In response to the original post . . .I totally agree about the 20-inch iMac G5. My first Apple was an iBook G4 about 6 months ago and I patiently, and anxiously, waited for the Rev B of the iMac. When it came out I ordered, knowing that I was going to love it and I was not disappointed. I LOVE THIS THING!! Talk about the perfect combination of form, function, AND beauty . . . WOW! :D :) :D
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    Well the idea of Dual CPU iMac is great....but maby rather Dual Core :rolleyes: :D :D
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    I am going to be completely honest when I say that my 20" makes next to no noise. I have heard laptops louder than this, and ive set the processor to full. Perhaps there are more fans in there that come on during different temerature increases but none that i've heard. It's about the same sound as a 1" fan if anything. Just barely noticable to me.

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