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200 Free Loops for GarageBand from iCompositions

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Look up.

    Posted in case you didn't notice the big ad at the top of the page? :rolleyes:

    Seriously, can anyone tell me if it's worth creating an account? Do these guys spam you?
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    I downloaded them--but I don't think I'll try them. You are NOT allowed to use them in projects, they're more like a trial--and then you buy the set (from "AMG") if you want to legally use them for anything EXCEPT posting creations on iCompositions.com for fun.

    I don't know if they'll spam you--hopefully not, since iCompositions.com looks like a useful and legitimate site.

    But I wish I hadn't downloaded all those MB on modem :D without the chance to read the license agreement first! Other free loops I've downloaded have terms similar to Soundtrack and Garageband: you can use them in commercial music work.

    I don't want to mix those non-usable loops into my collection--it will only get confusing. And frustrating if I try to use one and then catch myself.

    I assume this is really a promo from AMG, the company selling the loops, more than it is a promo for iCompositions. I'd guess that AMG is paying for it.

    But if you just want to have some trial loops to play with, go for it :)
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    No, we don't spam you.

    It is well worth creating an account. We offer tons of other things for registered users:

    -Book excerpts from GarageBand The Missing Manual and iLife The Missing Manual
    -Free video tutorials
    -Discounts from O'Reilly, Peachpit, and Allume
    -A great, helpful community
    -Much more!

    --Note to moderator: Can you please delete the direct link to the loops? We'd really prefer people register before downloading the loops. That link really shouldn't be posted. Thanks!
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    Don't wanna sound like a jerk but it's really trivially easy to set up your server so people have to be logged in to download the file...if you haven't taken the time to do that...
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    so i ain't no legally educated (do you say that? :rolleyes: )...

    but what does it mean "i cannot use them on projects"?

    does it mean, i cannot use them for private use (like including them in iMovie movies)?

    or use it to remix a party song, which would be played in a party (only friends)?
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    Actually, they already have set it up so that even if you use a direct download link to try to bypass registration, the server gives instead a 1 MB disk image that contains a URL pointing you to actually getting the loops instead of the 200+ MB loop disk image file itself.

    I'm not going to register/download just yet, since I'm waiting for iLife '05 to arrive (I ordered it through Apple's online store) and I skipped iLife '04, which was the first iLife to offer GarageBand. Personally, I don't see the point of offering this - if you have to buy it anyway to gain the commercial use rights you get with GarageBand itself and Apple's Jam Packs, why download this thing if all you're going to do with it is buy the full version anyway? Doing that saves me a 200+ MB download, which even on my cable modem connection would not be short (probably 30 minutes to 1 hour).
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    I unpacked it again to get the exact text:

    All samples are copyright AMG and strictly for demo and/or use in musical compositions on iCompositions.com. Prior to any other additional use whatsoever, you are required to purchase the appropriate library and complete any necessary licence requirements associated with that library as applicable.

    So no iMovie use, I'd say. Just for making music by itself, shared with others in no other way than iCompositions.com.

    (Also useful like a shareware game demo--to "try before you buy.")
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    I figured as much - but what's the point of downloading if you don't have GarageBand yet ;)
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    I downloaded them for Soundtrack personally, although I suspect I'll switch mainly to GB2.
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    Hi guys,
    No, we will not spam you. I'd hate to alienate people after everyone on the team worked so hard on the site.

    Second, that download link will not work. It's old. We've worked very hard to organize this collection, please don't steal it.

    Finally, as for the license agreement. We didn't write it so I can only provide my interpretation but I'd say that it's fine to use it in iMovie and for personal uses as long as you don't sell it/distribute it (wide-spread, that is; giving it to family and friends is fine)
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    Basically, they don't want you to use them commercially or to distribute them via the internet (except on iC - we had to request that specifically). I'd assume most other things are fine.
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    You are very helpful, powermac99. Thanks for the clarification regarding the license. Now if only iLife '05 would get here so I could use this big file before I download it (and register first, of course).
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    I joined iComposition last week. No spam at all. I'm looking forward to have GarageBand and downloading some of the loops.

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