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2000 plus club

Discussion in 'Community' started by AlphaTech, May 27, 2002.

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    Well, there are now three members that are in the 2000 plus posts club, with me being the latest addition. :D

    It also appears that all three of us in the club are demi-gods... maybe there is a connection there :D

    Not sure what to do to celebrate, but I am open to suggestions. Beside popping open a cold one (Irish brew) and kicking back with a movie or three tonight (Anime).
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    heh! i jus made my 100th post... weeee! :)
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    I just got finished congratulating u on your 2000th post...and I actually deleted the part where I said "now u are among the rankings of the 2M club"...

    then I come here...and u say it instead...

    can I get a "muahahahahaha!!! just for this occasion?? ;)
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    Muahahahaha! :O :p ;) :cool:

    As for a celebration, I will let you know when I am up there....;)
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    congratz :D, i already reached 50 some posts even tho i joined a few days ago, on a thread i usually go on often, i have 2300 posts or so :S
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    well done Aztec...

    u will be nearing 1000 soon enough...

    got any plans for your victory dance? :p
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    No offense, firewire2001, but I am sure nobody could give the roots of a horse's ponytail that you made 100 posts. Find something intelligent to post, but don't blabber your mouth here...

    The least you could do is congratulate Alpha. For instance...

    Congratulations, Alpha! :)

    Fear the King.
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    haha.. sorry .. ya.. congrats alpha!
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    Thanks for the congrats....

    I predict that hitting the 2000 mark will not be a big deal all too soon. Hopefully about the same time I get to 3000, in which case eyelikeart will probably be close to, or over, 4000 posts.
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    Re: well done Aztec...

    Well, I'm not quite sure at the moment. Oh wait, I got an idea!

    You all can pitch in and get me the new...thing! Hehehe....

    Nah, I will probly just give myself a pat on the back and post some more :D
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    I will buy myself one of those mugs! Hehehehe
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    Cor... leave him alone! Sheesh...

    Well done on your 2000, Alpha!

    Well done on your 100, firewire2001!

    Well done on your 50, SilvorX!

    It's great to see so many new active posters around. Don't listen to the crap you're given by some of the older and higher posting members. Just because they have an avatar doesn't mean they can randomly spurt out insults (even though some seem to think they can...)
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    Honestly, Beej, in my opinion, I don't think that 50 is all that important. I mean, are you going to congratulate every single person who posts "Hey, I made 50! Look at me!" I think that people here should congratulate others who have really made their status known.

    And 50 is basically no different than saying "I made 63." 50 just sounds better since you are halfway to a three-digit number.

    BTW, MacAztec, you are really starting to push the buttons with free posts. I know you may be underage, but at least be decent enough to post something more intelligent than "Yep, anytime soon, I'll have 1000."

    Fear the King.
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    What the hell? Someone is in a pissy mood.

    Who cares about your damn post count. Its like you get pissed off when someone makes a funny post, or someone congratulates themself on 50 or 100 posts.

    Who cares?!?

    Let em have fun! I find this forum to be fun, I joke around with people, and have a laugh. I think you need to be the intellegent one and stop treating the forum as if it were a incredibly serious posting place.
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    If someone feels happy enough about making 50 to post a comment about it, I'll congratulate them. Even though you and I have a lot more, 50 posts is still a lot. You can't just ignore the contributions made by new members.
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    I totally agree. I mean, this site has really boosted up in the past couple of months.

    I remember when I first joined, and watching jhatfield with 200 posts and stuff, while I was at 40, I would congratulate myself. Man, those were the good ol' days.

    Now, it seems everyone is all into post count and stuff.
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    Those arguments are fair; however, I am also noticing how MacAztec got in a few unnecessary posts that meant nothing at all. I do not want people to get thrown off the forums for one-liners like that, in case Arn does catch this and bans you, MacAztec from the forums. Luckily, if he doesn't, then I will not be so serious and there will be fun discussions to go around.

    BTW, I am also somewhat ticked off because of someone posting Peesea information where it doesn't belong. If this person knows what I am talking about, you may stay on the forums all you want, but once you blabber your mouth on any single peesea, or group of peeseas, then you will get flamed. Yes, that was to SilvorX.

    Fear the King.
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    OMG. I am leaving this thread before I am forced to turn the mother of all flame throwers on someone. Goodbye.
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    Mr. Anderson

    This is really all a waste of a thread

    I'm participating, only to add my 2¢. It was pointed out to me how silly it is to congratulate people on reaching any post level, its only a gratuitous way to boost post count without any actual contribution. And after thinking it through, I totally agree. And if anyone thinks otherwise, well that's your own opinion and you're entitled, but I'll be refraining from any celebrations.

    I'll will wish you a happy bday, graduation, marriage, etc., so don't go thinking I'm sour.
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    It was freaking one post that boosted my count. We were talking about the 1000 club, and I said "Yea, I am still trying to get there."

    Then, a little later, I thought it would be funny (since nobody replied) to say

    "Yep, still waiting...."

    Geesh! Calm down! Its not like I always have wortheless posts. I have probly had a few, but these were jokes! I mean comon!

    If you guys realy want to b*tch and moan about it (not you duke), then go ahead and tell arn to take off 1 post from my count. I mean, is it really like a race or someting?

    I dont care, go ahead...
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    Yea, I think I will join you. I get angry even thinking about this!

    BTW- Wheres Alpha when you need his "Highly combustible .6 calibar armor piercing bullets"

    or his "super duper flame thrower" :D
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    dukestreet, I didn't start this thread to boost post counts, since I alreay hit the 2000 mark before creating this thread. It's more of an observation post then anything else. If someone wants to post a comment, they are welcome to.

    MacAztec, I'm conserving the experimental rounds for the moment. Now, if you need to obtain some of my .50 cal HEAP rounds, something could be arranged. :D
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    Where might I be able to pick a few rounds up?

    My dad is a collector of guns. Hes got this one gun, only used by the S.W.A.T. team. Not sure how he got it.

    Its got two handles, one is a LITTLE bit curved, and it holds the clip. Its a short weapon.

    All I have shot is the M-16 (extended barrel) and some silver pistol. He told me that police officers want this gun...

    It was pretty funny, last summer, when the cops called our house. They talked to my dad and asked him about a gun he had. It was a "Saturday Night Special"

    Apparently, it had been used in a crime. Someone stole it from him, lol.

    We never went and picked it up, we just let em dispose of it
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    congrad alphatech

    And it look like eyelikart will be part of 3M club soon
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    Yea, eye is moving along pretty quickly. I think the big celebration will be when Duke knocks eye out of first...
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