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    with this new year has come a wealth of new ideas. Now "my" project is one a share with my "boss", i am the T.A for the network administrator at my school, i do install's of X, upgrade RAM, monitor students in timbuktu, and a variety of other jobs. Our project is to create a universal locker. We have OSX sever for our raid array so that is pretty much done :). What i am currentlty doing is spaceing out the 16 new airport base station that our school purchased arounf the campus. It is rather odd walking around campus with a tape measure to make sure thier is some overlay between the base stations. I have setup 5 of the stations so far and hope to be done intalling the rest of them y the end of this month (jan). I am happy that my school is will to have funds spend in this fashion in order to help our schools digital reputation.
    Wish me luck!
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    Sounds great! I wish my school had been like yours. Good luck with it all anyway :)
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    o well

    Thouse new airport base stations would be nice... they would make everything almost seamless. Our school purchased the now old airports 3 weeks ago tomarrow, can we return them and buy the new airport extreams? or is it too late. (the reason why we bought the airport before macworld was because the state of Cailfornia is freezing grant money as well as other funds and we wanted to buy now just in case)

    I setup 1 base station while i watched the keynote today :)

    making progress, 9 boxes still unopened :( :)

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