2009 Mac Mini (9400M 2.53) 8GB advice

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by costabunny, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Well I want 8GB in this little baby. (VM is killing me).

    I find two types of 4GB DDR3 on Crucial (UK) one is 256x64 and other is 512x32)

    My question is which one is correct? (I have searched around and cannot find an answer). I know I could get from OWC but when postage and then the UK import duty and fee's are added its not a great difference so I may as well get it here.
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    Hm, I believe that's the memory's density.

    If Crucial tells you it works with that model, then it will work.

    Density on modern computers is normally negligible.
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    The first one is 2x2GB kit and Mini only has two RAM slots so that's not enough. The second one is 1x4GB so you need two of those to make it 8GB (2x4GB).

    BTW, it's 512Mb x 64 (that equals to 32 768Mb which equals to 4096MB, i.e. 4GB).
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    Oh, I was concerned more with if the sticks would work.

    Yes, the 2x2gb kit is half the density of the 1x4gb stick.

    So you'd just buy two of the 4gb sticks. The density was the only discrepancy ;)
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    Must be the drugs* ! just realised my mistake here :(

    ok then just the compatibility I guess to be answered.

    Dont suppose anyone has actually done this to their mini?

    I assume its the same pain in the rear to do as was my old CoreDuo 1.66?

    * (prescription ones I assure you ;) )
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    Crucial thinks the 2009 Mini only supports 4GB so they are not that helpful :(
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    I am not entirely sure how to tell what ver of EFI I have but this looks like it:

    Boot ROM Version: MM31.00AD.B00
    SMC Version (system): 1.35f1
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    You can always try the RAM and if it does not work, then update the EFI.


    Usually those are available through Software Update so you should have it already.
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    Yep I already have it then (just checked) :)

    so all I have to do now is get the ram and do the horrid fiddly bit.
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    Baby Mac

    Kids, let this be a lesson. Stay off the drugs (until you get your Mac running right). :p
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    I sometimes look back on posts I've made throughout the net over the past six-years and wonder if, perhaps, I was on some mind-altering substance...oh well, no harm done, apparently.

    Now I'm in the mood for a light spanking. You folks ready fur sum FOOTBALL!!??
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    Just use any of these or if you like RAM that is stated special for Apple this or this and be fine.
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    OP is from UK....
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    Funny you should ask. I have been screwing around with boot drives and the best way to covert my late 2009 Mini to an SSD+HDD setup and will install 8GB RAM at the same time. Should start installation around mid-week.

    I bought mine from OWC-I read your concern since you're in the UK and all.

    If you want I can read you the 4GB stick info. Both are the same and are incidentally Samsung with OWC label too.

    Samsung side shows: 4GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-07-10-F2, the next line is M471B5273CHO-CF8 1017.

    The OWC side shows: OWC8566DDR3S4GB 66714xx I guess that's the Serial# from OWC.

    Trust this helps.:D
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    This or one of these then.

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