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2009 Mac Mini to HDMI TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rgarjr, Jul 20, 2009.

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    This question is probably floating around this forum.

    The mini has mini DVI and mini display outputs to a monitor. What is the best way to go to HDMI to a HDTV? I know for the audio, you need to hook up a 3.5mm to RCA audio jacks or S/PDIF. I think I've read here that on the new minis, the DVI wont fork if you want HDMI.
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    I use Mini-DVI to HDMI to the TV and then an optical cable (w/mini-plug) to my receiver for sound.

    It works very well.

    Edit: And I have a 2009 Mac Mini
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    It too use a DVI to HDMI converter. Works fine.
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    Agree this should be fine if you're using a receiver. But there are many TV's with integrated speakers that don't have a discrete Optical-Audio input (as is the case with the original poster).. that's where this Monoprice converter comes handy.

    On a slightly different note.. how do you people with Mini's get AC3 passthru via optical audio output? Do you use Plex.. or Quicktime/Frontrow with Perian?
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    I use plex for all my movies. The only thing played through frontrow in our house are kid movies and my 5 year-old could care less about ultimate sound quality
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    ? can you hook up the mini dvi to regular dvi adapter then to hdmi adapter and get it to work i hope to get a mini in the near future
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    i have my mini hooked up to my hd tv with the mini dvi to dvi then dvi to hdmi adapter and it works gfeat
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    i have my mini hooked up to my hd tv with the mini dvi to dvi then dvi to hdmi adapter and it works great

    some one delete this it double posted
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    I'm really sorry...I'm new to this forum and can't figure out how to start a new thread. But it is somewhat related to this one...

    In the past I used my macbook pro hooked up to my sony DVR via an rca cable and then watched on my Vizio. I was able to record to DVD that way...I watch slingbox on my computer

    I now have a mac mini hooked up to my Vizio and I have two problems. 1) I can not seem to hook it directly to my DVDR (like I had my mbp) and 2) in the 1080p mode the slingbox looks strange!

    Because the slingbox is not HD quality...I would like to just use the mini DVI to rca adapter I have to go into the DVDR...but when I try it, it does not read the computer.
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    HELP!!! I see the Desktop Picture ONLY

    I've followed the steps others have listed to hook my MacBook to s Samsung TV. The signal is flowing through because i can see the my Desktop picture on the TV.
    Question: How do I make adjustments so dvd's, internet or NetFlix (or any application) will feed through to the TV?
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    Under displays in system preferences you have to change the mode to "mirror" rather than extended screen.
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    you dont want to do that though...only in "spanning mode" can you take advantage of the full resolution of both displays
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    Spanning mode, is that like extended display? Is that what he is trying to do? I think he is just trying to view his movies and and internet on the TV.

    Look, in system preferences, under monitor, if in expanded display, either drag your browser or DVD player to the extreme right or left (depending on how your display preference is configured) to get it to show on the TV. If in mirrored mode, your TV will show what is on your laptop screen.
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    iMac to TV

    I don't to hijack this thread but I recently connected by iMac to a TV with partial success. When viewing the computer on the TV the application icons appear on the bottom of the tv screen but the menu bar does not appear on the top. Does anyone have any ideas what might be my problem. I have already set the monitors in the mirror mode.

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    You may have overscan enabled in Display preferences, alternatively check your TV picture settings as you may need to set it to 'Just Scan' or '1:1' as it may be set to '16:9'.

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    I have just connected my Mac Mini to my LCD TV via HDMI converter, however the quality of picture is quite poor. I also have a PC hooked up to the same TV via a RGB connection and the quality is pretty good.

    Does anyone know what the problem can be?

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    What kind of HDMI converter do you have? I'm running my 09 Mini with the mini displayport to HDMI and looks great.
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    Thanks for reply. I am using a brand called Capdase. The cable looks like this:
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    Are you running at your TV's native resolution?
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    I'm wondering if I can get some advice. For some reason, I'm having a hard time picturing my potential setup if and when I get a mac mini instead of an apple tv. So, I have a sony bravia tv and getting a sony 5.1 surround system with a dvd player in a few days. The output of the surround system will be hooked up with an hdmi cable so I'm all set there. The output of the tv will be hooked up with the optical out and into the the surround. Now comes the part I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around. If I get a mini dvi to hdmi cable for the video out of the mac mini, I'm still trying to figure out how to get 5.1 out of the mini as well. The surround system has 1 Coaxial Audio Digital Input, Optical Audio Input (being used by the tv), and a Digital Media Port (Input). Any ideas as to how I can make this happen?

    Man, it sure would be a lot easier if they just would've put an hdmi on the back of the mini!
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    Well there is 1080i which looks ok but the colors are pretty bad. However the fonts are extremely small so I run at 720p which makes the fonts more readable but the colors are still bad.
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    audio/minidisplay port to hdmi solution

    This is what i chose to use, it has a digital audio and mini display port to HDMI solution, just ordered it, i will post my experience once I receive it:

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