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2011 13" MBA Refurbs in online store

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by sebseb81, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Looks like just the 13-inch ones so far. See the attachment for pricing on the models

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    NOTE: The models are all listed under the 11" MacBook Air store category at the moment. Not sure why.
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    The Only One

    That I would consider is a 2010 model (from your screenshot) I can't say I have ever bought refurbished stuff but it seems a good enough deal, the others I would leave alone TBH.

    My new MBA (13") with discount was about on a par with the 2010 in your post. I'd save up for a new one.

    The refurbished MBP's are a different story, finally converted a friend and he got a 17" late 2010 with 4GB Ram pretty cheap by UK standards (you guy's pay a lot less than we do) I have a new Pro also 17" but he is delighted with his, and no problems at all (it's about 4 months now)

    Apple are very good at customer service, if in doubt give them a bell!
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    Some pretty nice bargains ... there was a 2011 13 i5 with 256 gb storage ...
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    Why is the 2010 model more expensive than the 2011 one? Same specs and everything...
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    US store only unfortunately. If the base 13 was in the Canada store I would have ordered one. I could order for store pickup in the US but it says it wouldn't arrive till December 3rd (!) and then I would have to pay tax twice which would make it make more sense to just get a new one with education pricing
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    I bet you they all got LG screen and Toshiba SSD! :D Good price!
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    Caveat emptor on the 2011 refurbs, judging from this forum, the build quality went down a notch from 2010. Usually refurbs from Apple are good (happy with my 2010 Air refurb), but seems like an inordinate amount of 2011's were returned. Someone posted a checklist of potential defects on this forum a while back.
  9. iRCL, Nov 17, 2011
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    I bought a 13" base. A loaded 11" was going to be about $50 less. I love the 11" form factor but that's not worth it. And the 2GB/64SSD I've done before and didn't quite handle my requirements.
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    This forum is in no way an indication of what the majority of people a doing. People on here will return a computer because the manual has a crease on one page
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    I still can't believe the stupid responses in the thread about monitor calibration. Really? I saw so many people complaining about each other's calibration files that they were checking out, and saying some people's were really good ... how stupid is that, considering all the monitors are all different...

    Sorry but there are a lot of imagined first-world problems going on with the airs. I have seen/used so many at school and they are all identical to me.

    And I've had one of the "slow" SSDs. And it was totally fine. I would bet money that the only way you are ever going to notice that "slowness" is when you fire up idiotbench or whichever benchmarking tool is hot at the moment.

    Or maybe the hard drive speed tool on the App Store where people are complaining it made their SSDs slower because the algorithm got better at detecting true speed haha. I like that because it shows how clueless those people are, and it also shows how much optimization all SSDs do meaning that the benchmarks are really meaningless because in real life they're optimizing way above that 'raw' performance level.
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    weird how the 2011 air's with lion are shown with SL
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    I'm ready to bet 500 bucks that you wouldn't tell which was which if you had them both side by side.
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    We also had the jerks who returned unit after unit because it either had a Samsung screen or a Toshiba drive. Until some people thought the Samsung was better and people began to return that trying to get an LG.

    There should be hundreds, if not thousands, of perfectly fine MBA refurbs that were returned for ridiculous reasons.
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    so are those 11 or 13 inches???
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    Re: the wrong price on the 2010 MBA baseline model and listing them under 11 inches - I don't know who runs the online refurb section of the website, but they seem to get things wrong quite frequently. For instance, the 2010 13" baseline model was selling for $949 a few weeks ago and then most recently dropped to $899 (a great deal in my opinion). But then when the 2011 models showed up, this very same 2010 13" baseline model jumped back up to $1099, the same price as the 2011 13" baseline.

    There have been other mistakes in the past as well. I think whenever new models are added they tend to miscategorize items.
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    I haven't seen this kind of logic and sensibility for a while.
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    I had both the 2010 and 2011 models, and disagree. There were glitches with both models, but on the whole the build quality has been very good for both.
    I also have had Apple refurbished Macs before and would highly recommend the program. If you don't need a fancy box, you save 15% off the list price, and are less likely to get a defective model (since they are individually inspected, cleaned, etc.).
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    And it's not only the Airs that they get wrong. I've seen people here end up with 8GB of RAM when they thought they were getting 4, and SSDs in iMacs that were down as having 1TB drives. Unfortunately this sort of benign incompetence only seems to occur in the US refurb store.
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    Happens in Canada as well, but its usually just an upgrade in RAM or HD space, since the advertised one if the minimum they will send.
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    A few days ago there was a standard 13" 4GB i5 1.7 128GB in Irish an UK refurb stores

    UK and Irish stores are likely the same store as localization (keyboard, power plug) are identical and they always list the same stock. The only difference is € vs £.

    It cost €1049 and was listed under 11" as well, don't remember what £ price was.
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    £949, £150 of new price.

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