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2011 Air vs 2013 Air, the 13"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by thadoggfather, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Just curious,

    I have no interest in upgrading to a 2013 air anyways but I was just wondering how much quicker the 2013 13" base is relative to the 2011 13" base because that's what I have.

    I think battery life is the main difference, and PCIe SSD is supposedly quite a bit faster. But for what I'm doing, not sure I'd notice the difference besides benchmarking.

    I hope to ride my laptop out for a long time.

    Also is it true they aren't as well constructed as before? Thought I read somewhere the shell is thinner to accommodate a slightly thicker battery.
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    Just have someone hand you your old air but tell them to tell you its a 2013. You won't know the difference.
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    Haha oh yeah?

    I was wondering in quantitative terms,
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    Plenty of review sites do benchmark comparisons. Try google.
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    Well, you won't get 12 hour battery. How much are you currently getting?
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    Maybe if you only look at the outside or are clueless...

    Here are some numbers between the 2012 and 2013
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    Other than battery life it looks and feels the same.
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    You won't see much difference in performance unless you're doing video encoding/decoding tasks due to the hd5000 > hd3000. Otherwise, apps may open 1/2 second faster. Not worth it for me, keeping my 2010 13 Air couple more years at least, until the screen is upgraded to IPS or IGZO.
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    And the CPU is more efficient(granted that'll mostly show up in battery life), the SSD is faster, significantly better for light gaming, faster wifi, and the microphone works better.
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    I don't notice a difference. Feels exactly the same, even when encoding video its still as noisy and slow. I still love my air its just other than battery life I see no difference.
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    I went from a 2011 13" i7/4GB/256 to a 2013 11" i5/8GB/256 and really can't tell the difference in performance at all. Like the others who have responded, I don't do video encoding or anything like that.

    So the real reason to upgrade to 2013 is the battery life, which is really amazing. I can easily get 10+ hours on the 2013 11" and while I was lucky to get 5 on the 2011 13". Battery anxiety is a thing of the past!
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    I know this is an old thread but I feel the only people that should be upgrading are the ones that are often away from an outlet or if you have a 11", because the battery life on the 11" model has sucked since 2011.

    I'm hoping to get a few more years out of my 2011 13", it'll be the first time I haven't changed laptop once a year. Superb machines!

    and I regularly get around 7-8 hours on my 13", but I admit that is not constant use, it'll max out around 5-6 hours if I constantly browse the web. (but that's not an accurate way to gauge it because I'd never do that constantly without any breaks in between)

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