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2011 Macbook Air sound recall?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by waloshin, Jul 22, 2011.

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    2011 Macbook Air sound recall?

    I've read on the mac forums that some people are noticing a sound quality issue with there new 2011 MBA's. Anyone here notice anything?
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    No problems here. I can turn the volume up all the way and the sound is just fine.
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    new macbook air sound

    Yes there is a noticeable difference between the new gen vs previous gen macbook air. ive compared the 2 and the new gen is not as full sounding and has a "tinny" sound. you may not even realize unless you heard them together. i contacted support and they said there is a recall or notice about sound issues so i am taking it in to have checked out tomorrow. will let you know.
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    Mine sonds fine. Its not super loud but I do not see any problem with it. i sold my 2010 so can't compare. If they recal im not taking mine back as i have all Samsung parts and don't want to get the Toshiba ssd or LG panel lol.
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    Any further info on this?

    My right speaker buzzes at high volumes/video calls when people speak occasionally... Tis annoying!
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    Yes, so there is an issue with the external speaker sound on the new macbook airs. I took mine in and there is an "engineering notice" out on them. You may not even notice the sound issue if you had nothing to compare it to. But don't settle for a tinny or weak sound. Take it back. Mine would have been exchanged today - but they were sold out. another couple days before I get it but hopefully no more issues.
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    So I wonder how we find out whether we have a recall version or a good version, if they already have good versions out. Maybe only some are up for recall?

    Either way I hate these kinds of things... :( I'm satisfied with my MBA... a recall, however, makes me nervous.
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    Kind of want to know about the recall so I can take back my toshiba ssd+lg display on the i5 4gb MBA 11 :D lol
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    hm...i just placed an order on friday too..planning on calling customer service tomorrow to ask about this..
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    Is there an official document about this?
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    I too am curious about this one.... I notice a difference between my MBA and my MacBook Pro, although to be fair, the MBA's speakers are definitely smaller and I would imagine not as high quality anyway as the Pro's....
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    Compared to my Late 2008 Aluminum Macbook they sound really impressive…
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    I have looked everywhere but cant find anything about this- has anyone been able to confirm this "speaker issue"?
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    I don't think it's actually there; the speakers are naturally going to be weaker than larger speakers... maybe just an isolated case, if that.
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    If my MBA has the problem, it also must be that my MBP has the problem too... MBA almost seem louder... Not really just it seems so..

    In any case... If anyone has any official documents.. it would be nice..
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    I have the 2010 11" MBA and just purchased the 13" 2011 on Thursday. I definitely notice the difference. IMO the speakers on the new MBA sound very flat compared to the speakers in my 11" 2010 MBA. I'm waiting at the Apple Store now, hope to get some sort of an explanation...
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    Let us know what they say
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    Can't hear a thing.
  19. eba
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    No problem here.
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    No issues here on the 11-inch, it sounds exactly like the 2010 model I replaced.
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    Sounds pretty good on mine. Very impressive for such a small unit, however I have no ways to compare to the old Air, so I'm not well equipped to say it's better or worse. Hm... interesting to see this as it develops.
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    I get a slight buzz off the keyboard or speaker, when I have the volume maxed out. Like a blown out speaker.. This is actually my replacement and I didn't experience this on my other 2011 air.
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    I watched "Breaking Bad" on my 2011 13" last night, and it sounded fine. I had the 2010 13" as well, and don't notice much difference between the 2.
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    After about a 45 minute wait at my local Apple Store, I explained the issue. The people at the store by me claim they have not yet heard of such an issue and there is not any "engineering note" available. However, they quickly exchanged it, no questions asked. I have not yet opened the new one and probably will not have time to post about this for a few days, but I will definitely let you know how the replacement is.
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    Please let us know once you do

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