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2011 MBA + BookBook + GA carbon fiber = multiple levels of badassery

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by clyde2801, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Love my 13" (ultimate :eek:) Macbook Air. Speed, size, screen*, battery life, weight, functionality, the whole enchilada. Quite a change coming from the 2008 Unibody Aluminum Macbook.

    Catch myself carrying this around with me all over the house with nary a second thought. Typing, editing documents, doing some work in XP and W7, emails, iPhoto editing, nothing I can't do on this machine.

    I'm protective of it. When I sit with it on the shade on my back porch and journal, I'm aware of leaving sweat on the palm rests. When I put it on the metal patio table, I grimace a bit if I feel the tiniest bit of friction, imagining deep grooves being cut into my pristine bottom surface.

    After reading about the bookbook by twelvesouth, and reading the reviews on the applestore, I thought this would be a great way to discreetly haul my macbook around in and out of the house.

    I am really, really digging it. It looks like an old, old hornbook, and fits in well with my job as an attorney. Adequate protection, and it disguises the Air so well it is almost subversive. Can use it to tote the air with me by itself, or use it around the house within the case for a bit of added protection. Felt lining protects the outside of the Air, and two velcro straps hold the corners of the screen in place without fitting too snugly. Aside from looking TOO good, and drawing attention from bibliophiles and antique hunters, you almost have to hold it to realize it's not an old book. It feels so unique and almost subversive. $79 on ebay, no tax, free shipping, brand new.

    Step two, black carbon fiber from my local ghost armor mall kiosk (right across from the apple store). Roughly a hundred bucks with installation, but I'm not sweating the price. Comes with professional installation and a lifetime warranty. Yes, yes, icarbon's are fifty bucks. But considering it took the guys who do this for a living 25 minutes to do a professional install, paying an extra fifty to not have to spend an hour or more fiddling with bifocals and reading glasses is worth it. Especially since I know I can't install it that well.

    Great scratch protection, and it just looks effin' sharp. You'd swear it came this way from cupertino. Nice feel, great texture (easier to grip) without adding any extra weight or bulk.

    Best of all, it's a BLACKBOOK AIR! Boo-yeah!:D Always loved the look of the blackbooks, but they pale in comparison to the BB Air. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the trackpad works just fine with the carbon fiber on it. The form and styling of the airs are nice, but the black just makes it look so much more professional. Not having an air that looks like everyone elses makes it seem even more exceptional. The original macbook air was derided as the 'corporate executive's netbook', I feel like I've got the President's laptop.

    You know you've got the shizznit when you've got people coming over to look over your rig and ask you questions at the apple atore, especially if most of them are wearing blue and or black shirts.:D

    Hate, hate, HATE the marware clear silicone keyboard cover (Apple store didn't stock the Moshi, thanks, guys...). It's just so damned sticky, feels like my keyboard's covered in no-pest strips. Anyone have a hint or tip for me to relieve myself of this tacky situation?

    Sorry about the less than stellar photos, taken with iPhone 3GS camera. Having to dig out the batteries and chargers for my real cameras, and then charge them up, would take too long. I'd rather post this now.

    Thank you in advance for your comments and smart-ass remarks.:eek:
  2. glen e, Aug 5, 2011
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    I have the exact same thing in all respects..except 11....BB and CF ...but really , icarbons go on so easily , you could have saved some money there...the material is like flexible card stock so it just lays on perfectly.....corners lay down with 2secs of a hair dryer....

    Suggest kiwi clear leather cleaner for the bookbook....
    With water field sleeve and CF:
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    Lets get some pics up!!
  4. clyde2801, Aug 5, 2011
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    Okay, let's try some crappy pictures...

    Caption 1: "By the way, Ghost Armor Guy, I'll be blogging and posting this to MacRumors. No Pressure."

    Caption 2: You CAN judge a (mac)book by its cover.

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  5. clyde2801, Aug 5, 2011
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    substandard photos part deux

    Caption 1: BookBook's spine.

    Caption 2: horrid picture of blackbook air in it's bookbook.

    Caption 3: Top down picture of my Macbook Air in its new Tux!

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  6. clyde2801, Aug 5, 2011
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    now for some really blurry pics

    Caption 1: My bottom has not been neglected.

    Caption 2: Look Ma, a racing stripe!

    Caption 3: Proof I'm not a professional photographer with an iphone 3gs.

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    looks excellent my friend! Too bad they can't cover the border around the screen too though, huh?
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    not feelin the carbon fiber on the trackpad, but thats just me. Its a little overkill.
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    Nice pics. Mine looks just as awesome....except it's BIGGER!:eek:

    I hear what you're saying about the DIY application, but I'm a white collar professional in his forties whose eyes are shot to hell. Twenty or tens years ago, sure.
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    Yeah, but it may be a little tough to get it around the macbook air logo. I'm also wondering that two layers of carbon would keep the screen from opening.
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    That's what so easy about it, i'm a Corp trainer with no eyes left either and 60!!....lol

    May do may KB surface but, will stay naked on the trakpad to make it pop...
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    Not sure about it, either. But I can peel it off with no ill effects in under a minute.
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    Now then, for super customizing....

    ...I'm contemplating taking the book book to a book binder to see if he can put a label on the front in the same antique gold, faded lettering. But what to have it say?

    Possibly, "Proof of how Clyde is Awesome, Volume XII"

    What do you think would be good?
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    I'd go super stealth with something really boring like

    "Household Accounting Journal"
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    "The Collected Wit and Wisdom of Alan Greenspan"
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    Let's try with a quasi real camera...

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  17. TimDavis, Aug 5, 2011
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    Woah, i have almost the EXact set-up :eek:

    ii have the 11inch ultimate with a bookbook and a dark brown/ blackish leather coating like your carbon fibre one and a secondary waterfeild smart case. the one you slip your macbook air into vertically.

    Good taste :p although ill admit it cost alotta money

    i bought all my stuff online, I've never heard of any places where i can get install for my brown leather (fake leather) coating where i live (van). Hopefully i can do a decent job!:D

    Do you find that your bookbook's zipper scratches your mba at all?
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    Not so far, but I'm kind of anal about it.
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    Is it possible for it to scratch? I'm surprised theres not another strap to hold onto the bottom part of the laptop...? weird.:mad:
  20. i0Nic, Aug 6, 2011
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    I still don't know why people buy beautiful gadgets and cover them up with tacky skins and accessories.

    All the unnecessary money spent to cover the device and uglify it. In a year or two when it's time for reselling, the few tiny scratches the device might receive and reduce the price of the laptop is offset by the money spent to hide it away and keep it in 'mint' condition.

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    Disagree with you, at least in this case. I don't think the black looks bad on the air, in addition to protecting it and making it distinctive, the carbon improves the look. I rambled a bit in the first post, granted. But did you even read it?

    Ditto for the bookbook. It's nice to have a cover and a look that's not like everyone else's.
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    wow looks awesome, thinking of doing the same but with Icarbon, does the palm rests feel weird at all?
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    Nope. Don't even mind it on the trackpad. I don't sweat it when I sweat on it.

    Ugh, HATE the tacky feel of this marware keyboard cover! Suggestions to resolve this, or an idea for a better one?
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    As a new owner of the BookBook iPhone case, I really do like their MBA case.

    However, I'm definitely not a fan of the carbon fiber. I really don't understand why people use it - literally, I don't understand. It's just unattractive. :confused:
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    I respect your difference of opinion. I could try to make an argument against it, but it would be as pointless as trying to convince you that waffles are better than french toast.*

    Not for everyone, I admit. I think it looks best on the top of the case, and is most necessary on the bottom; the trackpad and around the keyboard strips probably could be foregone if you wanted a cleaner look to your air.

    I just like to have an air that's a bit different from most people's, and I do like the black. Again, the blackbook is still a perennial favorite to mobile mac masters.

    *And they are, waffles rock!

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