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2012 iPod leaked

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Adidas Addict, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Adidas Addict

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    Ewww....convoluted non-Apple-like design.
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    really tho
    with that tiny little screen?
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    Personally, I can't imagine apple releasing something as cutesy (and clumsy) as what is displayed in the picture.
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    i think this is the iPod -1 lol
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    If Apple will release ever something like that, I'm sure the fanboys will buy two of them each. At least.
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    Cannot unsee
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    That looks nothing like an Apple product, I think it's one of those really cheap mp3 players from China.. It's probably perfect for people who work out.. But otherwise it looks like it would suck.. And likely also has bad battery life
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    are you kidding me?
    Talk about a downgrade.
    Retina display -> el cheap b&w display
    industry leading design -> piece of crap
    intuituve interface -> god knows what.
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    It would constitute a complete redesign, but no one wants to think that "different."
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    hahahahahaha :D
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    It even says "MP3 digital player" on it and people are taking it seriously...
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    I hope this is sarcastic thread -.-
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    How could anyone actually take this seriously?
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    I know a joke when I see one. However, as a Classic owner anxious for an update that may never come, I don't care what it looks like if the capacity is big enough and has a decent DAC. It'll live in my glove box anyway.
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    And people say get rid of the classic? This has to be a joke
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    This thread fails
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    Wait....which iPod? A new iPod X!!! :eek:
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    Blue Fox

    Tell me about it, obvious sarcastic thread. FAR too many people taking it seriously. :D
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    Are you guys seriously even discussing this? I mean this is obviously a Chinese fake , I lived in Thailand u could buys this like this for cheap.
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    Dork. I want the last five minutes of my life back.
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    Five minutes? Slow reader?
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    More like a dial-up connection :D
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    trolls gonna troll!

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