2012 Macbook Air common parts?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ibarnett, Mar 22, 2013.

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    SSD's are common to both models - 11" & 13".
    Batteries are different I realise.
    OK what about other parts?
    Are the logic boards the same, as in size & can you inter-change?
    Yes I know it is not an easy exercise, but is it possible?
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    not the same inside...

    Most of time with apple, if the external looks the same, the internal not. But i think you should have a look at ifixit, and see what are the differences inside between 2 generation of MacBooks Air and between the two sizes.......

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    I sure the RAM core i7 processors are common as well. Probably the webcam.

    Are you looking to take an 11" and use parts for it on a 13"?
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    No. Both the RAM and i7 proc are soldered, and good luck tearing the screen apart just to get the webcam. 80% chance you'll get the screen cracked. Logic board is not interchangeable due to size difference, and also the SD card slot. Im pretty sure the MagSafe board and fan is interchangeable.
  5. ibarnett, Mar 22, 2013
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    No, the other way, 13 to 11.
    The idea is to use a faster CPU (1.7GHz i5 to 2.0GHz i7), SSD (128 to 512), & increased ram (4 to 8) only from the 13", nothing else.
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    The SSDs are the same unless your MBA 11 is the 64GB variety.

    The Core i5 for the MBA 11 is 1.7GHz and the i5 for the MBA 13 is 1.8GHz. Unlikely you'll notice the .1GHz speed difference.

    All this is moot as the components we are talking about are all soldered on the logic board.
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    U folks even look this up before asking the question?
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    SSD is NOT soldered. Its held down by 1 T6 screw.
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    The only thing that is interchangeable is the SSD.

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