2012 MBA to 2013 MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MilleDav01, Feb 10, 2013.

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    I bought a 2012 MBA shortly after the were released. Do you think the new intel processors will be worth the upgrade and selling my 2012 MBA?

    Also bought a 13" and THINKING of going to 11"
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    Well if Haswell gets on the MBA, it will just be slight CPU increase, low energy consumption and HD5000.

    Unless any of these sparks your mind, I wouldnt change it.
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    Upgrading a laptop as expensive as an Air does not make sense on an yearly basis,unless you have ample dough to throw around.

    Macs are good for atleast three years IMO.
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    Unless there's major feature upgrade on 2013 MacBook air, I wouldn't do it.
    If you are obsessed with following new technology, I suggest you to get DESKTOP.
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    A Hebrew

    No. I would wait for the Air to get a retina update (probably 2014-2015) before you upgrade. Haswell will give you a nice graphical performance upgrade which is not necessary since the Air is not usually used as a gaming computer.

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