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2012 MBA with Thunderbolt display?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by crashwins, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Anyone know if I can run the new 11" Air with it closed with the Thunderbolt display? Would be great to use it sort of like the Mini. Thanks
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    Yep - just plug in a USB keyboard. Tapping the keyboard will wake it up again.
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    So it wouldn't overheat or anything? That's my only concern (I remember this was an issue with the older MBPs). I guess this would also be a concern with feeding movies to my TV. Thanks!
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    Nah it'll be fine. The vents wont be blocked due to the way the clutch cover sits :).
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    I think I read it can feed to two external displays, correct?
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    I bought a Thunderbolt Display to go with my 2012 MBA 13". It was such a perfect setup...I put the MBA on a backpack behind the Thunderbolt Display. One issue I had that I would advise though, is that if you use the MBA with the Thunderbolt Display and the MBA is in clamshell mode, it will reduce the wifi performance. I was experiencing significant reductions in wifi performance and after hours of apple tech support they said keeping the MBA closed will reduce the wifi performance because of the design of the wifi antennae being behind the display. When the MBA is closed it creates an aluminum "case" that the antennae is trying to penetrate through, rather than being naturally exposed when the MBA is open. Just a word of caution...
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    Why don't you have Ethernet on your Apple Display? I wouldn't buy one if I didn't use that feature, though that's just me. Also, I'm thinking about the DS1 Matrox cause I already have a 24" monitor. Then get the Magic Trackpad and the Keyboard and I think I'll be good.

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