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2013 MBA and 1080p video

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nagihcim1, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Is the new 2013 MBA capable of playing 1080p video smoothly?
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    only in i7/8GB/512 configuration.

    Guess you are trolling, aren't you?
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    It will play it smoothly, and can easily output it to an external monitor, but of course the built-in screen is only 1440x900
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    I figured it would be fine, thanks Newbie
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    You really mean i5/4/128 isn't enough for smooth 1080p video playing??
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    LOL like he said he's trolling. My i5/8 /128 plays 1080p content on its own screen or on my 23" 1080p HP monitor just fine.
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    Okay, but I think 4GB is totally enough for smooth HD playing, isn't it?
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    Smooth as butter. :) I am loving it!
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    It won't be the best quality because the display isn't 1080p, but I doubt you care :p
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    Yes, I know. But 8GB doesn't make the display 1080p, does it? ;) So I think HD video playing is as smooth with both 4GB and 8GB RAM.
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    Are you serious? My 1.6ghz Core2Duo with 2GB played back 1080p smoothly, that should give you a hint.
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    2013 MBA can handle 4K very well :D

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