20th Century Fox Movies Now Included in iTunes in the Cloud

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    Alongside yesterday's massive international expansion of iTunes in the Cloud for movies, U.S. users also received some new content as 20th Century Fox films are now available through the service.


    Current (left) and prior (right) iTunes listings for 20th Century Fox's Titan A.E.
    When iTunes in the Cloud for movies launched back in March, Universal and Fox were not included due to agreements the studios had in place with premium TV channel HBO, with sources indicating within days that negotiations were underway to lift those restrictions.

    Universal's films began appearing in iTunes in the Cloud in early April, but it has taken until now for 20th Century Fox's offerings to also be included.

    Article Link: 20th Century Fox Movies Now Included in iTunes in the Cloud
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    This just seems like a no brainer to me.
  3. M-O
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    maybe i should start buying movies in iTunes. they are really making it compelling.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

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    Next step: iTunes match with Movies.

    (I can dream can't I?)
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    So 20th Century Fox movies are now iCloud enabled, eh? Wonder if Lucas will be any more compelled to put the Star Wars movies in there.
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    Does Fox sell any HD movies? All the ones I want from them are SD. Holding off on Fox purchases until they go HD ...
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    "When purchased, this movie will not be available from iTunes in the Cloud."

    I like the way Apple strong armed those old out of touch people at Fox by explicitly stating right below the buy/rent buttons that their movies won't be available in the cloud.

    I'm sure that hurt their sales and any other studio that won't give customers what they want and increased the sales of those who actually pay attention to the customer's wants and needs. Exactly how it should be.
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    I'm not really interested in a whole lot, but the one 20th Fox movie I was interested in, Avatar, is available at 1080p with iTunes Extras. So it seems there are at least some.
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    Good news! Still, the prices are way too high. About $10 for a movie? That is $2 more than one month of Netflix.
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    I am looking forward to being able to upgrade my SD movies to HD + iTunes Extras

    Oh, and I see I was beaten to iTunes Match for Movies.

    Ah but I can dream.
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    I skipped the Bluray thing for digital downloads, and I'd buy more from iTunes if they had consistency in their offerings. I know it's a contract thing but I wish the studios would just hash it out with them. It makes no sense to offer some movies that have been out on Bluray for years at only SD quality, or allow only HD rentals of some titles.

    As a classic Trek fan, it drives me nuts that they have the director's cut of only Star Trek II and VI. They have the director's cut of Star Trek I, but only available for rent at HD quality. The rest of the movies are the standard theatrical release. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for the movies knowing that at some time they might be replaced with a better version.
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    You are comparing two completely different services
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    Convenience is the only benefit!

    I can still get Blurays cheaper than iTunes. So, the only benefit is the convenience. For example, I just bought several movies in Bluray from Best Buy for $10 each. And to make it sweeter, Best Buy is running their DVD trade in program where I can take any old DVDs to them and they give me $5 off each bluray I buy. So, in effect, I bought 11 Blurays this month for $5 each ($10 - $5).

    Some of these Blurays came with Blurays, DVD and Digital Copy! Sweet.
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    Yeah, buying it digital with fewer extras should *never* cost more than the physical copy. That's insane.
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    I'm not sure I understand this whole iTunes in the Cloud thing.

    What exactly is technically/legally different than before?

    From what I understand, it just allows you to re-download the digital content you previously bought if you lose the files or don't want to manually sync them between your different devices.

    Basically, it's just Apple being more generous with their bandwidth, but why does it deserve the "Cloud" buzzword and is treated like it's new feature?

    If it allowed streaming and storage for personal files (like iTunes match) I could understand, but as it is they just let you re-download the content you already paid for, like many digital stores have allowed in the past without sticking the "Cloud" name next to it.

    Please tell me if there's something I'm missing here.
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    i get all the digital copies i can.

    som are in HD, some arent.

    one day itunes match for movies will be out.
    then the few SD titles i have will be a 'free upgrade'.

    its like the UV service.....i buy those digital copy codes in the event that one day - apple tv will have that service on it.
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    Netflix doesn't offer new releases or nearly the selection of movies (especially the good blockbuster movies) as iTunes so you're comparing apples to oranges. Especially after Stars and others removed their stuff. But Netflix and iTunes together make a great combination for cable cutters like myself.
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    You're comparing two different things. The $10 is a purchase, Netflix is just viewing.
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    I know. I compare one movie I can watch as often as I want for $9.99 to a service where I can watch - realistically speaking - hundrets for the same price. I know I don't have the same right on the movie if I watch it on Netflix since I didn't purchase it. But, hey, how often will one watch it? My DVD collection is collecting dust and in most cases, that is how it is. I understand that you can rent it for less, but then, the service is not much different from Netflix anymore. Comparing Bang for the Buck, $9.99 is too high for a single piece of media. I think $4.99 for a new one and $3.99 for an older movie is fair. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.
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    I don't see the studios allowing an iTunes Match for Movies for a loooooong time. First off, they wouldn't see enough profit from allowing people to put their previous purchases on all their other devices. Even if Apple charged 2x the cost of iTunes Match for music for it that's still just a hair more than two HD movie purchases to make up the difference. They're going to focus on getting people to re-buy what they've already bought. Furthermore, there would need to be some kind of a standard digital marker placed in all DVD rentals, which seems like it'd be a massive effort, that iTunes would have to be trained to reject, or else people could just grab DVD from Netflix and add it to his/her account.

    As the movie studios focus on preserving their dying business models, I just don't see them getting on board with that.
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    On the Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud for movies does not require you to download and store anything locally. If you purchase a movie, you can just stream it from iTunes in the Cloud any time you want. It works similar to how iTunes Match for music works on the Apple TV. Streams all your stuff and doesn't require you to store the files. I love my Apple TV. :D
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    How many times do you really re-watch the same movie?
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    For one thing it allows you to download any of your movies/tv shows to any of your devices for convenience. And if you own an Apple TV 2/3, you can stream and buy those movies directly on it without having to download it to your computer first. They are then stored in your purchased tab on Apple TV, and can be streamed directly from there.
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    That movie is the worst ever,

    watched it with a friend years ago in a cinema, we were the only 2 persons there :eek:

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