OS Neutral 21.5" 2012 iMac and Witcher 2 performance?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Trinite, Dec 14, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone's been trying the new 21.5" with The Witcher 2, and if so how it's running. Especially wondering if the 650M can handle it....

    Thanks for any impressions!
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    I looked over the system requirements yesterday and found out you need the newest Mac to run it on medium with satisfactory frames...:confused:

    After comparing the requirements with the PC version, which are much lower btw, I think this must be one of the worst ported games, yet.

    I remember the Enhanced Witcher wasn't quite alright, either, despite its basement requirements.

    So yeah, very curious about the actual Witcher 2 performance on the Mac.:D
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    Yeah, from what I've seen, just reading around, it sounds like Bootcamp is really the only way to go. And even then, it seems like with the 650M you can only get medium, and that not at native resolution (which everyone says is by far best)??

    Very annoying - I'm hoping someone with some experience will chime in with something more hopeful....
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    2011 Mac Mini (with discrete graphics)

    I have this game (got it from Steam a while ago) but haven't fired it up as I've still been slogging my way through Witcher 1. I'll give it a try tonight and let you all know if it will run on my machine. If it runs on the 2011 Mini, you guys should have no problem. :)
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    So, I have a 660 ti (Mac Pro, PC card). This game doesn't run well on 1920x1200 with high settings (not ultra or something) in OS X. It plays fine on 2560x1600 with high in Windows. Turn off Motion Blur by the way, horrible.
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    I have a GTX 285, and it's not even playable, like 10-15 fps on any setting really.
    I suspect this is a bug tho, since I can run on high in windows, and my card is despite the name, about 50% faster than a 650M.
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    I played Witcher 2 on my old PC with an 8800GTX512. I jumped between 15-30FPS throughout (cept for certain places in Vergen, which grided my poor old GPU to dust).

    The best settings for a middling PC is high character and landscape texture resolution for cards over 512MB vram, lowish effects. As in ingame DOF enabled (it barely effects performance at all), no cinematic DOF, no AO, no wet surface effects, no motion blur (shame, cuz I love motion blur), and NO UBERSAMPLING, as that's the one setting that will destroy your framerate on everything but the highest of the high end gaming PCs. You could probably play the game 2560x1440 on a high end iMac and still maintain 30 FPS this way. It still looks stunningly good, and you only sacrifice some of the atmospheric effects.

    This applies to the Windows rev, though the same will likely apply to the OSX version.
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    The old 8800GTX is actually just as fast as the 650M :)
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    I don't even understand why they put that arschgefickte Übersampling in there, the game is great but I see no purpose in that sh.itsampling, which even gives 2 680s work, and those co.cksuckers are seriously strong
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    Well, I was gonna reply, but hey...guess I don't have a reason to now.
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    Well... I gave it a minute or two. Popped up some warnings saying that it probably wouldn't play correctly due to my graphics card, and then recommended 800x600 resolution. Looks like this is a game for bootcamp if your Mac isn't brand new.
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    What about the performance of gt 650m on bootcamp for this game? Anyone with a rmbp tested this game on bootcamp? Really would like to know the performance of this game because it is my fav game and I want to know if it is worth to bootcamp my rmbp.
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    Bump: anyone have more info on this? Is no one putting their presents to proper use?! ;)

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