21.5" iMac Has No User-Upgradable RAM; 27" Has Four Accessible RAM Slots

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    Consistent with Apple's quest to make its new computers as thin as possible at the expense of expandability, the new 21.5" iMac contains no user-accessible RAM slots. Instead, it can be configured with 8GB or 16GB of RAM direct from the factory. This was first noticed by Cult of Mac.

    The 27" model, on the other hand, can be equipped with up to 32GB of RAM, and has four user-accessible RAM slots via an "easy-to-access memory panel" on the rear of the machine.

    From one of Apple's iMac marketing pages:
    The 21.5" model ships in November, while the 27" model will begin shipping in December.

    Article Link: 21.5" iMac Has No User-Upgradable RAM; 27" Has Four Accessible RAM Slots
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    It also has a slower hard drive - 5400rpm rather than 7200 previously.
  3. zin
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    The 21.5" iMac's also are limited to 5,400 RPM HDDs.
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    There are only 17 people in the world who need to custom hand-install 16 GB of RAM in the smaller iMac.

    But all 17 of them are about to post :p And I feel your pain: you need what you need!
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    The 21.5 model seems to have been made considerably worse in many ways.

    At least the 27 inch hasn't been ruined to the same extent it seems.
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    Oh well, cross it off my list now too.
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    You don't say?
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    Good to hear, I was worried.
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    YES this is going to save me a couple hundred dollars, thanks Apple! Hey December hurry the FFFFFFFFF up.:p
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    Thankfully we can upgrade the RAM so we don't have to pay for extremely expensive RAM from Apple and get it from good ol' reliable MacSales.com for a fraction of the cost. Looks like I'll be upgrading my Late '09 27" i7... :D:D:D:D:D
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    RAM slots on the iMac? Is this what Tim Cook meant when he said he had something great in store for Mac Pro users?
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    Apple clearly wants to make the iMac a "consumer" machine again, forcing pros to buy a mac pro. I think this new iMac update almost certainly means that we will see a revived mac pro, rather than a discontinuation
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    I guess we now have truly disposable computers at much higher than disposable prices :(
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    Has anyone found out if the new iMacs use 3.5" or 2.5" hard drives?

    I keep thinking they might have switched to 2.5" drives to make them thinner...
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    You tell it like "There are only 17 iMac users who can buy and install new RAM by themselves" :eek::eek::eek:
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    I'll keep my 2011 21.5" iMac thanks. I get a 7200 RPM drive and can upgrade the RAM myself up to 32GB. I don't care if my computer is thin, I care if it's functional. Apple is going too far with their drive for thinness.
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    Apple, check ya self before ya wreck ya self.
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    I've never really been a fan of the 21" anyways. I really wish they would say when you'll be able to order (pre order?) the 27" though
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    Thats too bad, personally not an issue for me as the entry level comes with 8GB, but I'm sure it'll bother a lot of people..

    Not sure why making an iMac this thin was necessary, seems we are continuing to make sacrifices..

    - No DVD Drive
    - 2.5" Hard Drive 5400RPM
    - Memory not upgradable..
    - $100 more expensive..

    At least the graphics card is faster, the 640M is slightly faster then the 6770M..
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    F*... it . I'll buy some nice Haswell Mobo and CPU next year and will make myself a Power Mac G5 hackintosh!
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    I'm glad to hear that the 27 inch model is upgradable the second I saw the new design I was thinking... "Oh crap... no upgradable ram?"

    I'm still on last years 27 inch though and I'm poor now, so I shall be sticking with my Fat 27inch iMac.

    I wonder if they'll upgrade the Thunderbolt monitor to look this sexy...
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    Hey, also a Galaxy Note & Mac user! :D

    OT: A shame, really. I'd have bought it if it were user-expandable, such a beautiful machine.
    Oh well, seems like I'll be buying another 2007-2009 iMac then after all.
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    Add to the list: pray to whatever god you worship that those ram chips never have a problem! it's the difference between a cheap, 5 minute fix by installing a new ram chip, or shipping your entire computer back to apple if it happens to still be under warranty.

    It's a sad trend. Let me fix the most common things that break in a computer, Apple.


    I think he meant the new Mac Mini with SSD options, but no more discrete graphics. ;)
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    Does it have a Kensington Lock Slot?
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