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24" arrival. Photos with iMac G5 and MacBook.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by artmonster, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Very nice! :cool:

    But seriously...get yourself a real desk. That thing looks like a dressing table!!
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    I suppose you are also volunteering to pay for it.:rolleyes:

    Nice pics, mate. That 24inch just dwarfs all the other iMacs. Who knew 4 inches would make such a big difference.

    Also nice illos.
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    Nice pictures of your new iMac artmonster. :)
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    yeah, that's a dressing table. I'm shopping around for a great desk, though. Unfortunately I can't find anything I like. Most Desks look so cheap.

    I'm thinking I may purchase a small, modern styled dining table for my mac instead.
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    I have to say he has a point!

    a about 4000 euro equipment on a 5 dollar table :D
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    LOL, it looks like a women's vanity desk.
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    Hate to 'dis' your desk and room, but geez, I'd spend a little more on the desk and apartment (unless that's a dorm room?) than all those Macs.
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    Come on capran, everyone knows that money is best spent on Macs before anything else. ;) :D :)
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    That desk is probably an antique and may help pay for your iMac if you sold it. Congratulations on your purchase. Next step is furniture. ;)
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    yeah sell your imac g5 and buy a new desk! hehe;)

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