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24 hours to install Mountain Lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by rickss, Apr 19, 2013.

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    Any idea why it's taking 24 hours to install Mountain Lion? I installed a 256GB ssd in my Macbook Pro, and I get a message that the Mountain Lion install will take 24 hours. I tried restarting the installation process a couple of times and I still get the message. It's been running almost 12 hours and it looks like it will take 24 hours.
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    Sounds like it's installing over the network and you have a slow connection. The fastest way to do an install is to copy the old disk to the new (which requires that you mount the old drive in an external enclosure and boot from that).
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    I downloaded ML, made a USB installer from directions supplied by Apple, and ML installs in about 30 minutes.
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    All missing the point that the OP doesn't have a downloaded copy of ML and it appears that downloading is what takes him 24 hours!
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    Jessica Lares

    That's typical. A little slow internet + The inefficient Mac App Store = Long download times. Let it run for 24 hours if it says it needs to. You can't really do anything about it. Does it suck? Yes, but that's how its been for awhile now.

    Mine took 8 hours, and it actually destroyed the upgraded installation, so I had to re-download it again and do a fresh install, so yeah, if you're going to TRY and upgrade, I'd suggest a backup first.
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    Also, not sure if this is what Jessica meant, but you can backup the Mountain Lion installer file downloaded to your Applications folder before starting the actual installation of the process.

    That way, you'll have a downloaded copy in case you need it in the future.
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    Posted my suggestion to OP for future installs to make it easier. Get the OS, and make a DiskMaker USB thumb drive so not having a long internet install next time. ;)
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    Are you downloading the OS install files from the net via "recovery"?

    Are you using a wireless connection?

    If so, do you have an ethernet (wired) connection available?

    In that case, switch from wireless to wired...

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