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2405fpw dell setup pics?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Rob587, Mar 7, 2005.

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    Ive seen alot of pics online but its hard to get a feel for how they really look so post your setups that contain the new 24" dell moniter.
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    are they even out yet?
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    yes, you can buy them on dells site, and many ppl say that they have gotten them already. so lets see um.
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    i just wanted to bump this thread because i would like to see them also

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    for some reason no one likes responding to my threads.... I know there are several of these new LCD's out there, but ppl just dont post them.. :(
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    bump... i wanna see them too.
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    How much are they (obviously I'm too lazy to go to Dull.com.
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    I'm sorry did I miss the name change to dellrumors?
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    No, you didn't. But when Dell offer a display for over $700 less than Apple, of equal quality and actually better specd (ports, warranty), those of us with open minds can accept that they are offering a great product for great value.
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    second that ^
    got myself 2005FPW (20.1 WS) month ago and love it, wanna see how 24" will look like.
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    OK, not mine, but holy crap. I wish it was, my 2005FPW is feeling very small :eek:

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    excuse my french... but I just skeeted my pants
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    Impressive :) Great us of MS paint too lol

    SHame its got equal res to the 23"... Thats the only dissapointing thing to be fair...
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    they are really huge, but wouldnt people like to have two 20 inchers rather than one 24 incher?? its the same price..
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    Depends on the person. But yea, I would agree with you. Two 20" displays have more screen real estate than one 24" display.

    Off topic: jer446, if I may ask, were you a member of the older TechTV messageboards? I know I've seen that username before. If you weren't then someone used that exact same user name over there.
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    actually yeah, thats me lol i am from the tech tv boards.. i still post there once in a while... but its so slow.. and rarely get a good responce..
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    Yes I know I was just playing around it is a good looking display
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    Yeah, but don't you just love the whole faux-aluminium grey plastic theme this joker has?

    I'm totally jealous. I'd adore a 20, or 24" - but I'd certainly not base my entire many-thousands-of-dollars-worth investment around the DELL corporate colour scheme.
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    It's mere coincidence that the colors match... I personally love my bluetooth dinovo and can see why he would enjoy and want to own his rf model. Does wanting a keyboard that only comes in one color mean that it was intentional? I can't believe you would base your hardware purchases on color over function when no other comparable product exists...
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    Nice monitors!
    What keyboard is that?
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    I believe it's a Logitech DiNovio keyboard. Runs about $200 if I recall right.
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    Nah, it's the cordless notebook version (you can tell from the colour) which was about $125 last I checked.
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    Nope, its a logitec one...

    I was thinking of getting it and settled on the Apple keyboard - saved some money (Amazon certificate vs. saved up money)
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    uhm, yeah I know. I was just saying it was the cheaper notebook version rather than the more expensive $200 bluetooth one.
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    I didn't know that there was 2 different versions out!!! Thanks for the info!!! :)

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