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25th Anniversary LTD Mac, mock ups

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by HiFiGuy528, Jan 14, 2009.

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    Let's have some fun, stretch your imagination and PhotoShop skills.

    If Apple were to release a Limited Edition 25th anniversary Mac (either laptop or desktop), what will it look like? Gold plated? Special never issued before color? Big screen? Tiny screen or pocket size?

    This is what the 20th Anniverssary looks like.

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    This has to be one of the ugliest computers I have EVER seen.

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    If that were actually released, which it wont be, but i will throw up a little.
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    You have to put it in perspective and compare it to the computers of its time. When you do that, this thing is freakin' awesome. I remember when this came out and it was sweet. Ridiculously expensive, but sweet.
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    At the time it was relaesed, it was a mix of being both avantgarde and retro looking.
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    Please, brush your teeth afterwords.
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    I just cannot get into the look of the 20th, one of the ugliest computers ever in my opinion.
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    PowerBook G5. Or a 15" MacBook Pro and iMac with matte displays.

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    Why would Apple make a 25th anniversary Mac now? It has been more than 25 years.
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    I think the man makes a good point, like last year was 30th anniversary... Nothing special. Maybe in 19 more years...
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    wheres my prize.
  14. Bwa
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    2009 - 1984 = 25.

    This means 25 years of Mac, not of Apple (which is what the 20th computer was about).

    Why not celebrate 25 yrs of Mac?

    Writing this makes me realize I've been using the Mac for 25 yrs (first got my hands on a Mac in March 1984). Seems like a while.
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    this is probably what they were talking about with the special event coming up in 2 weeks!!! this is what they were talking about! i predict for the special event:

    25 anniversary iMac (apple is diverting our attention away with the iPhone Nano

    MacMini update

    snow leopard

    macpro update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you cracked the code, congrats!
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    What special event?!??!! More info please.
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    Special Released iMac G4 Designed iMac. It has to be the most Iconic Mac they have made, so why not Bring it back, but updated to new Specs? I Would sure as hell buy it :D
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    Special Released iMac G4 Designed iMac. It has to be the most Iconic Mac they have made, so why not Bring it back, but updated to new Specs? I Would sure as hell buy it :D
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    would be cool if they release a anniversary imac which looked like the g3 (lamp)

    only with 20 inch screen and up to date hardware :)
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    What special event are you talking about?:confused:
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    cherry su

    The G4 iMac was the lamp one. There was a 20" G4 version, but not with 2009 hardware :)
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    translucent iMacs..
    dalmation, flower power...

    oh wait
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    +1 for a limited edition iMac G4 with 2009 hardware.

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    I would buy it to replace my 700mhz G4 iMac in a second. Then I would still keep the old one cus it is so pretty....

    Then I wouldn't have to sit around trying to figure out how to clear out the bowl and get a mini in there...

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    Like a lot of designs, the anglepoise-lamp G4 iMac was a fantastic design that will never go out. The flat-slab, current look we have is so-so, but is a bit too clean, a bit too basic. The G4's arm had a bit of pizzazz about it, a real piece of desktop showmanship.

    The Cube was the same for its day too, innovative, different.

    Am sure some Macmodders could regenerate a modern Intel mobo from the mini into a 20" G4 iMac shell though.....

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