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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by thewhitehart, Feb 16, 2006.

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    Although the title of this thread suggests something risque, here's an untouched loaf of snow on my backyard table after the largest snowfall in NY's recorded weather history.

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    I hope you have a snow blower. It looks fun unless of course you have to go somewhere...make a snowman.:)
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    Wow!! That is an incredible amount of snow. Right now I'm really glad I don't live on the east coast. I haven't had to lift a shovel all winter.
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    We had 28 here a few years back. That's an awesome picture.
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    Just a shovel, and a crappy one at that :p

    And for the first time in ages I had a hot date that Sunday night! (Rescheduled for Wednesday: it went well)
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    For a second, I thought it was a picture of some new 27" ACD :D
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    Hehe, me too briefly as I read the title.

    I don't remember the last time we had any snow at all, never mind that much, and I live in the north of England.

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    soooooooo much snow *dreamy sighs* :D
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    Really nice photo :cool:
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    DAMN! Wish we had that here in Banff
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    ooo! If you look at that image and try to block out 'snow' then it looks like some kind of internal shot of some brain activity, no lets go more arty... Mind activity.

    Lucky chimp :D we're warming up in england now. no more snow for us I don't think *cries uncontrollably*
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    If you're in Manchester, you can guarantee that you'll have 27 inches of wet snow (aka rain) by the end of the month :D

    Actually although you get more rain there than us, statistically it's likely to rain on more days of the year here <sigh>. Damn those Cotswolds and Mendips!
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    we got 10'' inches here yesterday, which some how netted a snow day for most of the businesses and such. I was sure to take one as well.
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    WOW now that is snow!! Its funny i was watching the Discovery Channel last week or so and there was a documentary called "Extreme Machines" or something and it explained that snow plough in real detail. And believe me if that is the same one or something similar...it is a BEAST. Yes please excuse that short outburst of geekness!! :)

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