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2G Nano ....washed in the WHITES!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by POHeerwig, Feb 12, 2007.

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    I know, I know...there are loads of threads on washing ipods here. In fact, the only reason I didn't freak too much when I saw it lying at the bottom of the washing barrel, is that I remembered hearing or reading about someone drying one "back to life" in the oven. No...I did NOT do that.

    Anyway, getting back...I washed it with tide and bleach for about 20 minutes. It didn't have any signs of moisture getting inside the screen, which gave me a little hope. Didn't turn on though either. I left it overnight in front of a fireplace and this morning put it on the charger; low and behold..it came on! I'm still not *sure* if it really will work yet like normal; I figure it can't hurt to fully charge the battery after such a traumatic event in the little guy's life.

    But it made me wonder about these 2G nanos...has Apple started waterproofing these now? Anyone heard or read anything about that?
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    :apple: That is a tough one to answer but i do know thye are very resilliant little fellows...They are built to last and thats for sure:apple:
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    I don't know about waterproofing - you don't need to worry about water - it's the stuff in the water that does the damage. Electrical circuits can be washed with pure water (distilled/deionised water).

    I washed my nano by soaking it in ultrapure water after it had been down the toilet. That was a nearly a year ago and its still fine.
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    You can buy RO (Reversed Osmosis) Water from Aquatic shops .Everything bit of **** is removed from it leaving the purest water. You could try that? :)
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    I think you're a little confused. H2 is hydrogen gas. If you remove the O from H20, you get 2 parts Hydrogen, which is Hydrogen gas. Pure water is H20.
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    Hmm! I must have something wrong, cheers :)
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    Purest water you can buy is distilled water. It is just H2O
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    I think he means the oxygen gas solved in the H2O liquid. That is however extremely hard to totally remove (but possible) and if again exposed to air it will immediatly start taking in oxygen again. But you shouldn't worry about it.
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    Nope. The O in H2O has Nothing to do with the oxygen dissolved in the water.
    If you boil some water, you'll remove most of the dissolved oxygen (which is BTW the Oxygen fishes use to breathe) nut you are NEVER EVER touching the O in H2O. Distilled water is just water left to boil and then condensed again, all the impurities are left behind.
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    What about electrolysis?

    That will seperate H2O into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. This can be done VERY easily at home.
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    Thanks for the posts! Sorry I haven't had much of a chance to post in the interim... I wish I had thought to run distilled water over it after the fact; as a "friend" discouragingly noted...it may run for a while, but is sure to corrode after time :rolleyes:

    Actually, it seems pretty good for the beating it took; the display has a tiny bit of waterspots on it, but otherwise, sounds great, looks *sparkling* clean and I'm pretty thankful (and shocked :) ) that it still works!
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    Tom B.

    Not sure about Apple doing it, but you can buy iPod shuffles that have been made waterproof internally!

    You can buy them here.

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