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3 choices.

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mischief, May 1, 2002.


Which would You choose to make money doing / invest in?

  1. Aleviate 3rd world poverty.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Be A God in a new parallel Universe.

    11 vote(s)
  3. Co-operative freelance work.

    12 vote(s)
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    If you could choose from these as careers, which would you go with?
  2. Moderator emeritus


    while we all would love to rule the world...

    I want to be a part of something...so I opted for the co-operative freelance gig... :p
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    Not THIS world silly.........

    A NEW world..........

    Being part of a New Pantheon and creating a new world. :eek: :confused: :cool: ;) :p :) :D
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    the whole god thing is too much pressure-just being a dad wears me out:D

    why can't 3rd world poverty be eliminated by training them in a freelance skill. if you're thinking about doing the virtual temp service no one will no where they're located anyway.( kind of like those tech support services located all over the world). why not do it? i'll throw my support behind it.

    and no doubt they'd bring a fresh creative approach.

    thinking outside the box is easy if you don't know what a box is.
    ( and i don't mean that in a smart@ss way...) :)
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    another note...

    after receiving knowledge that I could have chosen all 3...

    I'm sticking to my choice of being co-op...then I can scheme with the others to overthrow the system...he he he :eek: :p
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    Freelance while being a GOD in a new Game and investing in the future of technology and commerce in economically depressed parts of the world.:D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ooh, didn't know I had more than one choice, oh well. I'll settle for Godhood.:D
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    I gotta go with the third world poverty thing. Imagine how much everyone will look up to you and how much they will respect you, oh, and imagine all the skinny daughters of the villiage elders they will try to offer you as payment for your services.

    oh yeah.

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    I cant choose with this information. If I just go with god...does that mean I am immortal? Or can I be an mortal god? I wouldnt want to live forever...
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    oh great

    here i was, all highbrow, solving the world's problems and now all i can think about are my childhood fantasies of living in one of those "topless" villages featured in National Geographic.:D

    "hey, this gutter's pretty comfortable....";)
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    I'll elaborate:

    You'd be a paid Game Operations Director for a Virtual world in which Clients play a fantasy RPG. The Immortality bit just means Mortals would have to attack you by the hundreds of thousands all at once to kill you. Eek, talk about server choke!:D
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    Re: I'll elaborate:

    hehehe. In that case....I choose all 3. I decided that I don't really want to take a side because they are all good in their own way.

    Plus it means 3x the power! :D
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    I had to select being a god of the parallel universe. I can just imagine the fun I could have. Of course, I would not be a touchy-feely type god, more along the lines of nuking planets for pissing me off. Or wiping out civilizations for a lark. :D
  14. sjs
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    It has to be number 1.
    The other two are just too unlikely.
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    For all of you interested in God-hood.

    If you want to be a professional GOD go to the "killing EverCrack" thread in the Gaming forum. Send me a resume.

    Yes, I am currently taking resumes to fill a few GOD positions........

    I've always wanted to say that.:D
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    I just had to go with god. Then I could benifit the other 2. I would run my iWorld in iHeaven on iMac playing iTunes all iDay long!
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    sorry Guy's.....if you want to be "GOD" remember that he is a non physical entity...no sexual attributes and pure love....that means you have to love even peeeeceees :)

    so stick to No. 1 or 3
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    Re: "GOD"

    Hmm, I dunno about that one... didn't some of the gods in various mythologies have children? I doubt they just snapped their fingers, they had to have SOMETHING goin' on there. :D

    And I chose freelance, simply because I think being a god is overrated. (Sorry arn and blakespot! No offense. ;) )
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    Wow, take this literally whydoncha.........

    GODS (Game Operations Directors) are sysops for an online game I'm working on. Although they typically "lurk" with their Avatar turned off they DO have various Avatars at their disposal.:eek: :D ;) :p :rolleyes:

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