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3 Ipod's 1 Itunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by johnnyi, May 27, 2008.

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    I have 3 ipods in my house but only one computer to use and my taste of music is different from the other peoples. Is their a way of creating 2 different
    library's in the one itunes ?


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    Yeah, you can create separate libraries and then hold option when starting iTunes and it'll ask you which one to open. This is a little superfluous though. I'd recommend just syncing certain playlists, but to each his own. Hope this helps.
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    I believe the only way to have two separate libraries is to create another user on the computer. I have two users on my computer, each with their own itunes library.

    Edit: The poster above has an easier way. I've always had the two users so this was easiest for me.
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    Also a possible solution, but by far not the easiest. *points above to previous post*
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    Thanks for the quick response !.macboy how do you create 3 different playlists
    and I really would like to keep 1 user account and not set up 3 just to put music on and ipod
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    !.macboy? lol You can create playlists by choosing File > New Playlist or File > New Smart Playlist. Or you can press :apple: + N to create a blank playlist, or you can select a number of songs and press :apple: + shift + N to create a playlist with the selected songs.
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    My vote is to accomplish this via playlists. I have one playlist for my running iPod, a second for my iPhone and then my 60GB iPod gets the entire library. Oh man, that 60GB only has 292MB open at the moment. I'm so due for a bigger iPod, but I'm holding out for something...I don't know what. I guess an update.
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    It's not working i put in a cd to put on the new ipod and it copied the whole cd to the playlist and not the ipod what's up ?
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    I haven't seen anyone mention that the ipod needs to be set to "manually manage music". I think this needs to be so. When you put the CD in, it should copy to the library. Then you can add it to the playlist or the ipod. Now if you really want to transfer the CD directly to the ipod, and not put it in the library (that's what your post sounds like to me), I think it can be done.
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    Yes thats what I want done like to set up 3 different Library's for 3 different ipods.When I add music to the playlist I set up it add's it to the library is their a way to set up 3 different library's and not do it the playlist way ?

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    Thanks alot m8 step 3 was the one I was after.It worked great now and got 3 different itunes set up cheers !


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    Yup. Pretty sure that was the very first reply I had in this thread. Same info. Same suggestion. *shrug*
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    yeh,sorry i just read there but the link made more sense on what to do but thanks again macboy ! lol.Everthing is going good got 3 ipod's sync different cheers again guys!.

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    lol, who is macboy?

    But I'm also a step one: open box kind of gal.
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    One thing that baffles me when I look at other people's iTunes libraries is the lack of Smart Playlists.

    Smart Playlists are the best way to manage a library, especially with thousands of songs or multiple iPods.

    With Smart Playlists, everything is automated and synced without any effort.

    You can always complement your Smart Playlists with regular playlists as well.

    Give it a shot.

    If you need some ideas for setting up Smart Playlists, just let me know.
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    I'm with you. I have dozens of smart playlists. In fact, I have folders to group the similar types of smart playlists. Very convenient, especially when it comes to syncing the trusty G1 iPod Shuffle. :p

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