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3 monitors on a G5?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by benhg, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I have a G5 with an Nvidia 7800GT graphics card. what are my options if i need to have 3 monitors running at the same time (currently i can only have 2).

    Thank you

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    1) Add a second video card. This will have to be a Mac card compatible with your particular machine

    2) Accept the compromises and go with one of the Matrox Dual or TripleHead2Go products
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    I have a Dual 2.3Ghz PowerPC G5
    2Gig Ram
    Nvidia 7800GT

    what other graphics card will i need to get? will putting in an additional Nvidia 7800GT do the job, or will i need to purchase 2 new graphic cards?


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    I have run 3 monitors for the past 12 years on all my Macs. I just retired a Dual 2.0-Gig G5 that had 3 monitors connected for the past 4 years. I now have a new Mac Pro running 3 Sony 23" CRTs.

    What I always do is hook my Main monitor to the card in the fastest (lowest) slot and then buy a second PCI card, put it in slot 2 and hook up the other two monitors to it. That gives me full speed to the main monitor that may be used for video often. I had an ATI 1900 in my latest G5 as a second card, but you will just need to see what is compatible with your particular machine.
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    Tallest Skil

    THREE 23" CRTs?! Is your desk made of I-beams?!
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    Father Jack

    Quite a few years ago I had a 21" CRT and it was a brute !! I can't imagine 3 23" CRT's .... :eek:
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    if i was you ive just get a good 24ich LCD might have lower resolution but you will love the extra space heck if you got space for 3 23ich crts you could fit 6 LCDS :p
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    Close... it is specially reinforced as they weigh about 100-lbs each and that does not count the video monitors an light box!

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