3 restarts so far in 2 weeks.

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Acorn, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I did a clean install of mountain lion on a 2010 macbook pro. specs are 2.66 ghz 8 gb ram 750 gb 7200 rpm hard drive. 256 mb 320m graphics

    I left and came back to my computer to a message saying there was a problem with the computer and it had to restart. this happened 2 more times in the last 2 weeks since ive installed mountain lion. there really isnt a whole lot of info other then the message there was a problem and it had to restart. so I dont know what it is or what is causing it.
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    Just a guess but you have bad ram.
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    I agree, the likely cause is faulty RAM. Do a memtest on those sticks.
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    it would be weird if there was something wrong with my ram. the ram was installed like 2 years ago and hasnt had a single crash with snow leopard since then (2+ years).
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    Wow, I havent had 3 restarts since I have had this machine. 2010 iMac i5 Quad.
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    I can reproduce this restart if I turn off my monitors when they are asleep and unplug them. then plug them in and turn them on and it will cause the system to reboot itself. One of the monitors is a usb adapter monitor so im wondering if thats causing it or if its more tied in with sleep mode.

    either way if the monitor is shut off unplugging it or plugging it in shouldnt cause it to crash when its asleep.
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    same problem on my rMBP

    MBP 15.4/2.7/16GB/512GB FLASH

    My rMBP is freezing up during startup...I have tried booting up to recovery mode and safe mode and neither work. I either get the message "Your mac has restarted because of a problem" or it just freezes while loading. What else is weird, is that two of the lines on the loading wheel are pink and green..no idea what that is. I had this problem earlier and and was able to erase my drive and reinstall thru recovery mode, backed up on an external drive using time machine. Any Ideas?
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    What's the best way to do that?
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    I'm getting a problem just like this, the first iMac they gave me was returned in 2 hours and replaced, this one does it at time too. I got a memory upgrade also. 3rd party ram.
  10. ECJ
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    I've had 3-4 restarts since installing ML on my Late 2009 i7 imac 27". I haven't had this many since I bought this machine 3 years ago. I've installed no new hardware. It also happens when the machine goes to sleep. I hope 10.8.1 fixes this issue.
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    No restarts here. 2012 MBP w/ 16gb Crucial ram self installed and upgraded ML (no clean install).
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    You are not alone, I installed ML about three weeks ago, My 15" 2009 MBP has locked up at least 20 times. I have to hold the power button to regain control. I do not understand what is going on. It just goes off to lala land and spins the rainbow wheel.

    The real problem is after I power button cycle it I am locked out of my HD for several hours. It is as if the computer puts me in a time out for holding the power button down to cycle it. So I can leave it locked up and not use it or I can force a power cycle and not use it for several hours.


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