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30 GB iPod size and weight?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Draft, May 3, 2004.

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    Does anyone know what the size and weight specs are on the 30 GB iPod? I couldn't find it anywhere on Apple's site?? I'm looking to get a new iPod and I want at least 30 GB. If it's the same form factor and weight as the 40, I'll just get that.

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    here are the specs for all ipods...reg, and mini.

    for some reason they dont list the 30...is there even a 30?

    I just clicked the tab on apple.com that reads ipod and itunes
    then clicked ipod pic and it has all the specs
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    Yep. I've already seen that. There is a 30, but they stopped producing it. They're still for sale though, you just have to look. For some reason, they dropped all the info on the 30, when they stopped selling it?? I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have this?

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    I think that it has the same form factor as the current 40GB model.
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    Size and weight?
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    Does 1/2 oz really make that big of difference and .11 inches in thickness?

    Just wondering.
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    Yes, when .6 oz is 10% of the weight and .11 in is 15% of the thickness.
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    i just got my 30 swapped for a 40 via my best buy warranty... id say the 40 is slightly heavier than the 30... but it also feels more well constructed...

    the thinner 20 and 15's definately feel thinner... my cousin has a 3g 20 and
    it feels MUCH lighter and is significantly thinner...
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    30GB and 40GB iPods have the same form factor, which is slightly thicker than the 10GB and 20GB models. I believe the 15GB and 30GB drives stopped being produced in the late summer of 2003, so Apple started putting the 20GB and 40GB in instead early in the fall. When shopping for sleeves, you'll often find that the 30 and 40GB models are lumped together. As for weight, I'm not sure. It might be ever-so-slightly heavier, but I don't have any documentation one way or the other.
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    macophile provided good info. here are even more details...

    3rd gen (dockable) iPod:

    1) introduced a year ago in sizes 10, 15 and 30 GB. 10 and 15 are "thinner" and 30 is "fatter." 15 and 30 came with dock, remote and case.

    2) updated in sept. to be 10, 20 and 40 GB. 10 is the same. 20 is "thinner" and 40 is "fatter." this 20 is thinner than than 2nd gen. 20 GB. 20 and 40 came with dock, remote and case.

    3) updated in jan. this year to be 15, 20 and 40 GB, as it stands now. 15 is the one from #1 above, except it no longer includes dock, remote or case.

    "thinner" iPods are the same dimension as the current 15. "fatter" iPods are the same dimension as the current 40. weight may vary but very slightly.
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    I ordered a 30 gig 3G last week-- it is supposed to arrive on Wed. It was in the "special deals" section of the online apple store; new and unopened. I researched it and discovered what the other posters have said-- same dimensions as the current 40 gig. The price was the same as the current 20 gig-- US $399. Over the weekend, the apple site stopped offering the 30 gigs-- I guess others were thinking the same thing. I held out for a couple of months over the appleinsider rumor re the video (or, more likely, still photo) capability, but decided I wouldn't be crushed if it came out-- I'm in it for the music, not bells and battery-draining whistles.
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    Thanks for all of the help. I ended up getting the 30GB version. When I went back to the Apple Deals page, they were sold out of the 40. I was really irritated this morning, when I saw that the refurbed 20 was being sold for $299. That was the one that I wanted, but I didn't want to pay full price. I guess I should've waited. Oh well.


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