Phones $300 for new gs3 vs $600 for new gs4.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by sentinelsx, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Would the gs4 be really worth the extra $300? Keep in mind I have little affinity for the S-features and mostly end up using nova or flashing aokp.

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    If you can afford it, the S4 is just more future proof. If you can't, the S3 would be good, too, I imagine.
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    Michael Goff

    I have to ask, why Samsung?
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    With a stock rom and looking to save money I'd go with the S3. Both on custom ROMs there's not much the S4 can do that the S3 can not.
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    For $300 imho no the gs4 is not $300 better than the s3.
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    I am open
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    Agreed. I think you'll be fine with either one.
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    $300 for a new S3? Where? That's too cheapn
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    There is a ton of s3s selling for $300-$320 in our area's marketplace. Of course they are locked and are 16 GB, but given the number that is up for sale, I can find one for my carrier pretty easy.
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    Michael Goff

    If price is no object, then how about the HTC one? Or maybe an Oppo Find 5? These two have amazing displays, with the first apparently having better colors than the Samsung.
    If price is important, why not a Nexus 4?
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    Hmm good suggestions. I am considering the nexus 4 but the camera is a bit too bad for me. My brother has it and i have tested it.

    I have also used an s3 in the past and the camera was super nice, especially loved it when I was at a job fair and it took crystal clear photos of postings on the boards. I don't do pro photography using phones however.

    I will consider the one if the price drops. Never heard of oppo find 5. Time to do some research on that.

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    I would wait to see what Google announce at I/O in May. There has to be something coming out of the Motorola camp.
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    The Oppo Find 5 arguably has the best build quality of any phone out there right now. Not a fan of the interface however but that isn't really an issue. They have also kept their promise on monthly updates. 120fps video recording is also nice.
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    Michael Goff

    Oh, apparently the AT&T version of the S4 is locked.

    So... yeah, flashing a ROM on that will apparently not be all that easy.
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    I'd seen the Oppo mentioned here and there but hadn't paid close attention to it. After reading a bit more about it, I have to admit it's a very good looking device, by all accounts is built rock solid and the display appears to be top notch. But no LTE radios? itll probably do well on T Mobiles HSPA+ network but i use AT&T and i usually only saw 3-7 Mbps when using the Nexus 4 and wont give up LTE for that.

    The handful of reviews that I've read/watched also all have some concerns with lag and subpar battery life. I'd also worry about how much support it'll have in the developers community (if you're interested in that) and customer support.

    As is often the case, so close to being great. Damn it, why can't a manufacturer put out a device that is the complete package?
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    This is EXACTLY what I was thinking after reading your post! I was looking at the link to the phone posted earlier in the thread and thought, wow this thing looks amazing! But I overlooked that it doesn't get LTE. Damn.

    Why is it these manufacturers can't just throw everything AND the kitchen sink into a phone? I keep hearing HTC One owners say, if they'd only put the camera from the S4 in the One, it would be the perfect phone. S4 people say things like, if they'd only used more premium materials it would be perfect.

    Why does it seem there's always SOMETHING the manufacturers keep out of an otherwise great phone???
  17. tbayrgs, May 1, 2013
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    My thoughts exactly. In order to get what I feel is the ideal device I'd have to cobble together a Frankenphone--Build Materials of the HTC One and iPhone (although the Oppo looks pretty damn good), camera from the S4, stock Android (or iOS with significantly flexibility), display from the One/Oppo, apps from the iPhone, capacitive or on screen button with the layout from the Oppo or S4, battery of the Note 2 or Razr Maxx, and LTE. I cant find a phone out now thats not missing in at least 2 important areas. For me the One is coming the closest but still not there yet.
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    Oppo make fine DVD players and their setup in the US is fine (I have dealt with one of the principals there) although it can be pretty slow with nobody answering the phone in the middle of the day. They are, however, dealing with a very specialized DVD player at the higher end of the market.

    Now look at the Oppo North American "head office" for their phones, somebody's home in Richmond Hill, Ontario, part of the Greater Toronto Area. The company is Ascension International Trading Co., Ltd.

    And here is a piccie of the home:,-ON-L4C-6X4-pid841436s1

    Sorry, I really worry about support.

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