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30GB 4G iPods on the way?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by 50thVert, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Hey every1,
    I was browsing the Apple Store online, and i clicked on the 20GB iPod and saw something interesting...
    When you pull up the page on the 20 gigger, the "compare this to other iPods" bar shows a 30GB 4G, holding 7500 songs and costing $299.


    Any thoughts? I hope its as thin as the current 20GB 4G!

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    Er.. wouldn't this just be the older 30GB model that they have discontinued and now sell via the Apple "Sale" page?
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    Doesnt seem so. The 30GB 4G that is on the Sale page is selling for $349 with a $20 off, so $329. The one on the bottom of the screen is advertised for $299.
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    Hmm good point... so maybe it's just a typo on Apple.com's part? Maybe they just didn't change the tiny icon to reflect the same 20GB as in the larger image?
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    It's has to be an old image...the 1GB shuffle is at it's old price ($149).

    EDIT: Wait, all the comparison charts still list the 1GB shuffle at $149! :confused:

    Was the past 30GB iPod $299 as well?
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    i saw this earlier in the day, and am looking at the site now and the 30 gig picture is back to 20 and 5000 songs... i would have bought the 30...
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    I still see it, but only on the iPod (photo/color) info page in the store.
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    Its gone again. I guess Apple caught it and fixed it. Just an error or maybe a hint as to whats next? :confused:
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    you dont remember when for a short while they sold the 30G ipods???
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    You could probably go to an Apple Retail Store and they might have some 30GB leftover. I've seen them being sold recently here in Florida. I guess they are there for whoever asks for them.

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