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320 kbps

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DarthBowie, Sep 23, 2007.

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    I am thinking about increasing my cd import rate to 320 kbps (I currently import my cds at 128 kbps). Will the sound be noticeably different? How much more space will it use?

    Thank you!

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    It will take 2.5x more space...the sound difference is quite substancial on good speakers/good headphones, but it really depends on the music. If you're listening to Britney Spears out of laptop speakers/iPod headphones, the file space is wasted, but if you've got nice headphones and are listening to Jazz or Classical music, the difference can be astounding :)
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    Nice! Thank you. I was told to keep everything else on "Auto" when increasing to 320. True?
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    You should be able to notice a difference if you have high-ish quality headphones and not the iPod earbuds.

    Some CDs won't get you much due to poor mastering, but with others you will be able to notice more "complete" percussion and less distortion at high volumes.

    I have 3:00 songs at around 7MBs and 16:30 songs at 38 MBs.

    You should expect to see a little more than 2 MB per minute at 320kbps AAC
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    What headphones do you recommend?

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    Shure make great headphones, and their range gets better depending on your budget :)
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    iTunes encoder is pretty good for encoding to mp3, but as I've said before and others have said as well if your serious about mp3 encoding use Max (http://www.sbooth.org/Max/) since it uses LAME encoding (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAME) for mp3. Call me anal but I CAN tell a differernce between the iTunes encoder vs. LAME at the 256kbps bitrate I use to encode.
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    My Beatles Love cd is sounding mighty good. Why does Apple NOT sell tracks in 320? iTunes PLUS does sound better but not as good as my imported discs.
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    I myself have two pairs of Ety ER6i's.

    They are attractively priced at around $80 and they are good low high-end headphones, if that makes any sense.

    I haven't tried the Shure's, but I am sure :)/) that they are just as good
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    Thanks for the recommendations!

    By the way, I was told to keep everything else in the menu on "Auto" when increasing to 320. True?

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    Wait, what format are you using? AAC or MP3? cause mp3 I think 320 is slightly overkill (256 is my usual). But for AAC 320 is way overkill. 192 AAC is what I consider the best for quality/filesize.
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    I'm using AAC 320. Also, I have 55 GB left on my 80 GB iPod so I will probably have quite a few GBs left (?).


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