34 Errata in Core Duo Chips

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    Link: 34 Errata in Core Duo Chips
    Description:: Errata left chips are common. The Core Duo has 34, some of which are serious enough to need software workarounds, or problems could theoretically be serious (crashes, failure to wake from sleep).

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    Hmmm up til now most of Intel's mobile chips have been good. Rush job? :(

    I remember when Intel replaced my Pentium 90Mhz chips because it was one of the chips that had a serious bug with FPCs. I never had any problems but hey. It was a new CPU. Who am I to complain.

    There was one interesting post on the thread.

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    Rush job? Maybe. But there are known errors for every chip. I'd like to see the AMD, and even better the IBM chip error sheets for comparison.
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    The raw number of errors is interesting. The real-world EFFECTS of those errors is much more important to me. Which I suspect will be close to zero, as with other chips and their errata.

    I certainly wouldn't opt for a slower G4 or Pentium just because of this.
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    Those weren't the first or the last big errors on Intel x86 processors, though most have been math problems.

    They might as well make their slogan "Fast performance first, accuracy, if possible."
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    Note that one assertion of the article is that 34 may be just the tip of the iceberg: supposedly in the past it has taken much longer to find that many errata. Finding them so soon is supposed to be a bad sign.

    Now, if that's not just the author's bias, the discovery of errata may be expected to continue to much higher numbers.

    If it IS just the author's bias, then maybe the errata have been caught earlier than normal for some other reason, not just because of sheer quantity.
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    Surely bug AE18 is very serious, as if the temp readout stops so could the fans then the processor frys.

    Looking at the comments on geek.com many of these bugs are carry overs from the older pentiums, so they are not all 'new'

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