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360 Connect and iTunes Movie Rentals

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by cycocelica, Jan 15, 2008.

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    So can you watch rented movies from iTunes on your TV using 360 Connect?
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    GREAT QUESTION! (although i would be using the PS3 version...), i was wondering this throughout the key note, no way am I getting an Apple TV when I have a much more fully capable machine already under my TV
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    Yeah, would be nice. I somehow can't see it though, but I'm sure if it's possible NullRiver will add the ability.
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    The 360 can't play iTunes DRM, so no.
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    Figured that.

    But you can convert them to the correct format, no?
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    No, the DRM is just that- Digital Rights Management. It's a form of copy protection. It will prevent you from converting it to another format.

    I suppose you could play the rental on an iPod and hook the iPod up with a video output cable to a TV tuner on a PC and record it, but that's just a lot of trouble.

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