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[360] Lots of OS updates

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haoshiro, May 26, 2006.

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    I just noticed an article on IGN about a bunch of updates headed to the 360 OS (the Guide?)...


    Being able to queue up to 6 downloads AND play other games in the process is a huge thing for me... I was so disappointed when I couldn't do this after first using the download feature.

    Lots of other great updates, too... if you ask me!
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    This is a great feature and I am really looking foward to it. It took 11 minutes to get the Halo 3 trailer, all while I had to just let my 360 sit there doing nothing.

    The music thing is pretty cool, too. I miss that ability from the original Xbox to play your own music in-game.
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    A welcomed improvement. It will now have all the functionality that I thought should have been there. Thumbs up!

    My personal favorites:

    1) Playing while downloading.
    2) Option to launch to dashboard even when a Game is in the DVD tray.

    Still no official release date? From the old (accidently posted?) press release it was supposed to be last Monday. :confused:

    Anybody here who owned their 360 since before the last January update can tell us how the update will be distributed?

    On a side note, I'm really starting to enjoy downloading game demos. It makes my shopping experience much smarter. I don't end up with games that I thought I would liked but that are actually not to my taste. It also allows me to discover some decent games worth buying I would not have risked trying otherwise. I really hope the PS3 and Wii will allow us to do the same.

    Now we need more 360 games! The next games I plan on buying on the 360 are all scheduled for 2007 :/ (I don't usually buy sports/driving/shooters games) I might give Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms and Too Human a shot if the reviews are decent.
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    AJ Muni

    I think slowly, but surely the Xbox 360 is turning into a hell of a system. With all the updates, demo downloads, ALOT of more games being released, xbox live arcade (UNO now, and vintage games coming), fixing games (CoD2 lag, MLB freeze,) etc. It's come long ways since its launch a couple of months ago. I truly love my 360.:D

    P.S. Any1 want to post the complete list of updates here? I cant go into game related sites here at work. (Damn websense!)
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    Agreed, a lot of this stuff I already expected... but not having it has made me realize even more how great the features are, so I'm looking forward to the updates.

    I had heard the update was due at end of this month or first week of June.

    And yeah, the game demos are nice. Of course, if PC gaming is an indication, sometimes demos can be done so badly that they make a game seem worse then it is. But Microsoft has stated they saw a very notable rise in FN3 sales after the demo was released, so with that positive effect I'm sure we'll continue to see more demos. The new Kameo demo was an improvement, made me consider picking it up... and Perfect Dark Zero demo just came out... looking forward to forming my own opinion on that soon.
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    The article above says next week if it makes you feel a smidge better.
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    It's definitely a possibility on the PS3, but I highly doubt that it will be capable on the Wii, unless there's an official HD add-on announced. Otherwise, there's just no space on the Wii's internal storage (512Mb of flash... might be enough for 1 or 2 demos, but I really doubt it).
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    Shouldn't it be delivered in the same manner as all the other smaller updates? That being the 360 will warn you that you can't sign into live until you download and install the update, you hit the "ok, do your thing, 360" button and off it goes.
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    Maybe. I haven't owned my 360 long enough to have gone through one of those updates so I wouldn't know. A message when loging does sound appropriate.
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    The 360 always asks if you want to update. It only takes a mintue or two max to do it.

    The one thing I want them to fix, is after downloading, when I selct "Play trailer" or "Play Demo" it takes me to the demo or trailer pain to sort through and find what I just downloaded. Just play it. Seriously.
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    I absolutely agree. I think this actually peeves me more than having the box entirely tied up while downloading said trailer. Speaking of which, I just don't understand how background downloads wasn't part of the original dashboard design.

    If that was all they fixed, I'd be happy. Well that and they need to stop taking forever to release arcade games. Seriously, how hard could it be to code PacMan for the 360? Make it happen.
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    (from Joystiq):


    Notable pictures (these might not show up for you):

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    XBL was already a great service, now it's just gotten better. This update solves all of my XBL complaints. Very excited to get it! :)
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    That's what I expect; that's what happened when I first plugged a LAN cable itno my 360 and turned it on.

    I'm like everyone else, I'm ecstatic about background downloading. I've been getting by with my downloads by turning on the auto-off and then starting a download before I go to bed...big demos get cut off that way, though...:(
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    OH! The other thing I want to see is that I want the ability to turn NOTICES on for games, and OFF for DVD's. I would think the console could tell the difference. If it can't then it's retarded.
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    According to the article, they have indeed fixed that. Definitely was annoying and I was totally confused the first few times when it didn't Play what it said it would... I thought I might have pressed the wrong button. When you choose something that says "Play", you just expect that to happen!
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    AJ Muni

    Thanks alot JDOG.. Yea pics didnt show up but its cool...
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    About the last pic: "Optional iPod support" ? What is that?
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    Allows the 360 to play Apple iPod (AAC) files. Does not support Fairplay DRM, however; Apple has that locked down.
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    I really wish they would work that out! Heck, what would be awesome would be iTMS right in the system as an additional blade, marketplace, or under Media.

    Speaking of the Media section, I find it annoying that Game Trailers do not show up there! bah.
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    What I find annoying is the videos section of the media blade. What's it for? I can't delete the preloaded content there, stream video to my 360 through Windows Media Connect or dump new content on the hard drive with an external USB device.

    It looks like they failed to fix that this time around too.

    Edit: By the way, WMC supports streaming video, but Microsoft decided to prevent 360 owners from using that functionality.
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    To add to what Abulia said, the optional iPod support has always been there, but it was filed in some strange place. I think it was under game downloads or something similar. The new update will apparently fix the strange way things were organized before, thankfully.

    The menu organization on the 360 actually reminds me a bit of my Moto phone. You just have to get used to where things are.
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    Ideally they'd make the iPod support a core part of the dashboard code since the download is so tiny, but given that that dashboard is so miniscule compared to it's XBOX 1 counterpart I don't see it happening.

    I'm just glad it's there. It's really great for people without Windows PCs to drop in a few gigs of music at their discretion. :cool:

    I am definitely looking forward to this update. Downloading anything off marketplace is just so much effort. While increasing their bandwidth would be preferrable, adding queued downloading to the mix is a definite first step to marking marketplace a great selling point to XBOX 360, and a more enjoyable experience to those who use it already.
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    so wasn't this supposed to come out last week? I want my queued downloads! :D
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    Tomorrow at 2am PST. Here's the quickie:

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