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360 on an SD tv?

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, May 14, 2006.

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    so here's the deal; I am a graphics whore. the graphics on the Wii look pretty darn good-(i'm getting a Wii for sure)-but the graphics on the PS3 and the 360 look quite a bit better and it looks like the 360 graphics are improving at a nice rate these days. (i have a feeling PS3 graphics will too. Wii graphics too.) i was just wondering if i got a 360-i'd much rather have a PS3 but at $600?!-would the graphics still loook pretty darn good on a SD tv?
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    They will look great on a SD TV.....HD you just get much better clearer picture...i think PS3 and 360 graphics are the same with the PS3 with a little edge over the box but i don't think we'll see that difference.

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    cool... thank u!
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    Whatever you do - don't play the 360 in HD if you're satisfied with your SD TV. Once you see something in HD, there's no going back.
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    Too True :p
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    Yeah it looks great on SD, on HD though it's a whole different board game and once youve gone HD theres no going back. Same as going mac...
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    HAHAHA!! thank you dude...! (sounds like the unofficial slogan for mac; "once you go mac, u don't go back.")
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    Yeah, I just have a standard def TV with S-Video and it looks great. The graphics are a huge leap from the Xbox. Though, when I get my HDTV I know I'm going to never want to watch TV ever again, only play games.
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    Not quite, http://missingbite.com/details/onceugomac.html. I think they used it as a slogan a while back.

    Anyway to me the XB360 looks great on an SD tv. Also using the best connectors you TV has can make a world of difference, My xbox is hooked up to my tv through component, and it a very noticeable difference between that and composite.
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    :eek: didn't know apple used that slogan...
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    Xbox 360 looks great on SDTV and I was more than happy with it until I plugged it into an old 21" CRT PC monitor and played in HD. Then I had to buy a new tv.....cue 42" Plasma. Mmmmmm. Seriously dude, you could always get yourself a cheap CRT computer monitor from ebay and hook it up to that via vga. It looks great and can display plenty of HD modes. You can get a decent size one for about £50.
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    Uhhh... what? What he is saying is perfectly true. Use component cables if you can, or high quality SVideo cable (not Monster brand) if you can't.

    And yes, there are non-HD sets with component inputs, if that's what the uhhh... is for.
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    Strange question: does the 360 wireless controller include a button to turn the 360 on, or do I still have to get up to do that?

    Also, does the crappy bundle only come with composite cables, and the premium with component? I got an HDTV but no HDMI...
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    It was, because I haven't seen a TV like that in ages. I thought it was all just a dream...

    Yes, the controller has an 'XBOX button' that takes you to the 'dashboard' (OS). If you hold it down, the console turns on. While it's on, if you hold it down, it brings up the options to turn the console or controller off.

    The Premium (more costly) is the only one that comes with Components. It's worth the extra $100 for the Premium, just get it.
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    Woa... misinformation magic! The way you said it, it sounds like either the Premium can use componant (PS3 style) or the componant cable is $100 (when it's closer to $10). The Componant cable is £15-20, and any console can use it. However, I'd recommend getting the Premium anyway (a wireless controller instead of wired and an HDD)
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    Does the 360 use a proprietary HDD?
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    Yes, for game saves you can only use the Xbox hard drive addon or the memory card. You can use a usb hard drive with the xbox but only for music and pictures.
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