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360 res switching in Viva Pinata

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by SilentPanda, May 3, 2007.

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    Playing Rainbow Six Vegas or sitting at the 360 menus seems fine but when Viva Pinata gets put in, the TV goes to crap. It seems every 20-30 seconds the TV goes blank then the picture comes back, almost like it's switching resolutions or channels. I've turned the 360 up and down in resolution from 480 up to 1080 and it seems to do it no matter what. It does it even mid movie cut-scene.

    Anybody have any ideas? It's hooked up via Component. Not 100% sure on the make/model of the TV as it's my brothers 360 having the issue. The TV supports 1080i though.
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    Not sure what could be causing that, but it does look like a TV problem more than anything else. Never had that issue when connected via VGA or Component at 1080i or 1280x768 / 720p etc.. with Viva Pinata, on most of my TV's / Monitors.

    Strange that it is this game only though. :confused:

    I do have occasional iritating problems with my Philip's 42" Ambilight TV when it sometimes goes from 720p to 480p or in reverse, where there is a slight pixel jump effecting every few lines, resulting in poor liney text.

    The only way I can solve it is to restart the TV, and force the TV to change resolution a few times. Becomes quite irksome.

    Even went back to Philip's and the engineer said that was 'within' spec. :( Which is utter bs if you ask me, especially as the engineer didn't seem to know the difference between HDMI and Component :rolleyes:

    If you can find out the TV model / make as that may hold some clue to the problem.

    Good luck.
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    The model is a Syntax Olevia LT30HV.

    I guess it's doing the same thing in Rainbow Six: Vegas... at least it's not a game issue...
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    Speaking of Viva Pinata, how do you like it?
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    I rented it a while back and hated it. The little mini-game you have to play when things mate (I think that's when you play it) gets old really quick especially when I feel like I have to make 20 worms. I was told by an 8 year old I was playing the game very wrong and that you didn't have to make that many worms.

    Anyway I bought it for my brother's wife so she might not hate me so much for giving him a 360... she'll probably be better at it than me anyway. I shoot things (virtually) instead of nurture them.

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