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360 users, are you having fun?

Discussion in 'Games' started by floyde, Jun 5, 2006.

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    I'm going to The States this weekend and I just can't stop thinking that I need to buy an Xbox 360 (it's much cheaper there than it is over here).

    Anyway, I had previously decided that I would buy a Wii (at $200 I might buy 2 just for kicks;) ) and one (just one) of the "others". So after the PS3's price was announced, suddenly I wasn't so sure that it was the best choice. It seems to me that the high price is just a result of Sony's stubborn desire to push Blue-Ray forward, a technology that could potentially meet the same fate as the LaserDisc :eek: (the same is true of HD-DVD, but there's no need to comment on this, it's just some background info about my motives).

    So the bottom-line is that I'm undecided and I would like for 360 owners to share their playing experiences and their satisfaction level. Please refrain from using numbers and technical comparisons that are nothing more than speculation (unless, of course, you are a computer chip engineer or something along those lines :p ). All I need to know is wether you are having fun with it, and especially if you feel that the 360 is a "huge" step forward from the original Xbox (I always felt that it was nothing more than a CPU and graphics card upgrade). If you hate it, please let me know also. So, are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the 360?

    P.S. Please note that I have a lot of PS2 games and that my favorite game franchises are FF and MGS, so the 360 has to be very good for me to choose it over the PS3.
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    I really enjoy mine. I like the marketplace a lot, xbox live is very easy to use, and all the games I like to play are enjoyable on it. The downloadable content is neat, and you can dl demos of a lot of games to try out before you buy them. You can customize the way your dashboard looks like also.

    Another thing I really like are the controllers. They feel really good in my hands, and they are wireless if you go with the premium 360. I like to not have anyone trip over cords as they are reaching for stuff etc.

    The only thing that I don't like is it still feels like a fps machine. Most of the games are fps, or sports. That will soon change though as we get closer to the holiday season, and they have a TON of great looking games that I can't wait to play.

    Overall, yes, definately a big step forward from the old xbox.

    I don't think you'd go wrong with a Wii and a 360.
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    AJ Muni

    I LOVE my 360. It was an impulse buy, and I thought I was going to regret buying it. There isnt one day that I dont play it atleast once. With all the updates its getting, and more games coming out, its only going to get better. Are you going to be able to connect to xbox live?
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    As of now I'm very disappointed with my 360...I bought the 360 out of hype and Halo 3. The EA Sports games are an absolute joke on the 360 (i.e. Madden, NBA Live), but hopefully that will change with the upcoming NCAA Football and Madden 07. I'm really looking forward to other games such as Gears of War, Alan Wake, and of course Halo 3.

    The only worthwhile games for the 360 as of now (and this is just my opinion) are COD2 and Fight Night Round 3 (GRAW and Oblivion I didn't care too much for but based on the reviews I'm the one of the few that think so)

    I guess where I'm going with this is to buy it
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    360 is fun fun fun.

    I love it... Oblivioion, top spin tennis(like it personally), burnout..... you name it. Plus tons of arcade games.

    The improvement of my ps2 is massive. I do miss final fantasy and that, and i was gonna wait for ps3, but the price seriously scared me, plus, I didn't like the idea of blueray... And the graphic on 360 is not that much different on ps3 (I think), yes go get one.
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    Jaffa Cake

    I bought Miss Jaffa Cake one for her birthday and we've had a lot of fun with it. I'm not a big gamer or anything but I've enjoyed it.

    I'll agree with Zman5225 about the controllers – we had an Xbox before the 360 and my left hand would often cramp up with the old style controllers. The new version is a lot more comfortable and I've not had any problems with them so far. We've got wired controllers but have so far managed to avoid costly and embarrassing tripping incidents.

    One complaint I would have though is that it does get quite noisy, especially if it's warm in the flat. But you can just turn the sound up if it bothers you. :D :cool:

    I'll leave the last word to the missus, who reports, "Ooo, it's fab! The graphics are superb and I like the sound."
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    AJ Muni

    Remember those games were rushed for the release date. From what I hear Madden 07 is going to be great, and personally I think nba 2k6 is way better than nba live.
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    I really enjoy my 360 but I consider myself a "non typical" gamer and the 360 suits my needs perfrectly. (HDTV, surround sound, "adult" titles, etc)

    So, yea, perfectly satisfied and having fun. My 360 has no technical issues.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't link my Xbox 360 Review. :D
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    My 360 is being worked really hard now......that should answer your question.

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    I was thinking I might, but I'm not sure I want to pay monthly fees, I don't have time to play that often. Or is there some sort of free, but not so cool, membership?

    Well, lots of good comments so far. I think you guys are gonna make me $400 poorer this week :eek: (cause the cheaper one is a no-no, right?)
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    It comes with a free silver xbox live membership for life, which gives you unlimited access to most downloadable content and all that good stuff. Also, I think once a month or so you can play other people on the xbox live free weekends. Pretty much you get everything except the ability to play online, which you will want :)

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    "aye hope you didn't come all the way to talk about Xbox's, I'm going to a conference about global warming" -modified ditty from an infamous guy from Hull ;)

    I dunno. My bro has a 360, I think if I bought one now I'd regret it. If you're only considering getting one then you'll be much happier waiting for the price drop due in 4 or so months (PS3 and Wii time). If you were anything more than considering then you would own one now, maybe?
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    With the updates coming (or have they already come) to Live, 360 keeps getting better and better by the week it seems. A total contast to ps3.
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    Don't count on the price drop. It may not happen.
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    The 360 is a great piece of gaming hardware. The only problem is some of the games don't live up to the consoles promise <cough>EA I'm talking about your games</cough>. Where the 360 really goes above and beyond though is the network integration. Xbox live is fantastic, the market place is a great place for demos etc, and my favourite would be Xbox live arcade which is totally amazing if you like old school games.

    If you want the 360 to become an all in one under the TV device though you do need a copy of Windows XP Media Center Edition as a media center extender I can't fault the 360 at all. I've had no problems streaming HD WMVs, HDTV, or transcoding other formats in real time using Transcode 360 via 100Mb ethernet.

    When you take the 2 paragraphs above as 1 statement hell yeah the 360 is an amazing step forward compared to any of the older consoles. How many of them had totally integrated network gaming, a 1 stop demo and old school game shop, and worked as an all in 1 media centers? Most importantly it's fun (if you like the games on it).

    I've got no interest in comparing it to the other consoles that are scheduled to come out. I'll hold of judgement until they are released, and even then at AUD$999 for the top of the line PS3 Sony are taking the p1$$. Having said that you have put down that your 2 favourite games and both of these are Sony exclusives is there really a point buying a console that may not ever have your 2 favourite titles (or you'll be forced to wait years for them to arrive)?

    Also I've had 0 issues with my 360, and everyone I know IRL has had no issues either.

    Finally as for the "rumoured" price drop I think that all went out the window when Sony released the official pricing of the PS3.
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    Have enjoyed mine since December 2005.....

    Have some great games that I really enjoy = and theres some cracking stuff coimng out in the next few months too.

    Gears of War and Viva Pinata are on the top of my shopping list......
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    I forgot to mention Zelda, which is also one of my favorite franchises. I had to give it up in the "last round", but it turned out ok. Now I'll finally get to play Wind Waker on the Wii. So I think I can do without FF (I think MGS will be released for Xbox 360 eventually). The question, I think, is wether I'll be willing to pay $700 (and miss out on the Wii and Zelda again) just to be able to play 2 games. I don't really feel like paying that much, I don't need a Blue-Ray player, and there are tons of other games that I'm sure I'll enjoy.

    My thoughts exactly, they don't need to drop the price anymore. And that's another reason why I'm starting to feel that I don't need to wait. If I were to buy a PS3, it'd be after a price drop, and that's like 2 years away. Even if the PS3 turned out to be the greatest console ever, it would still be the most expensive console ever, and I wouldn't buy it. So why wait to see if it's any good? or why wait for a 360 price drop that wont happen this year?
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    Jaffa Cake

    If you're talking about who I think you're talking about, he's more into croquet than computer games. ;)
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    Well I hope it's better than last years Madden...and I agree with NBA2k6 (well now atleast)
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    Floyde you sound like a good candidate for the Wii60. ;) Have fun playing both consoles and wait for Sony to pull their heads out of their a$$es and release the PS3 at a reasonable price. Or should I say wait for the price of technology to drop so the PS3 can hit a reasonable price point.
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    I have an xbox 360 and I only have one game for it. Oblivion.I have played it for about 80 hours and I am having a blast. if you don't think you would like that game then I would wait a little while longer for a must have title to come out.I just play the online older games and just Oblivion.When other games go down a little in price(on used shelves) I will pick them up.
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    I'm a big sports fan and I wasn't very impressed with the sports titles currently available for the 360. Madden was pretty terrible and the first baseball game (MLB 2k6) was just as bad. Fifa road to the world cup and world cup are more fun but still not great compared to games available on other systems. I think I'm gonna be sticking with Boot Camp and PC games for awhile.
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    I have a 360. iHave Oblivion, Madden 06, PGR3, and Kameo. i only really liked Madden and Oblivion. Madden got repetitive, and Oblivion got boring. I'm gonna hook up to Live soon(i hope). But other than that, its nothing special... i'm waiting for Halo 3 really. and Gears of War. but sadly, i'm playing Halo and Halo 2 on my 360...
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    i'm definitley getting a Wii (or maybe 2) and although i am anti-microsoft, i think i'll get a 360... Gears of War is really intriguing me. so is the sound of 'Grand Theft Auto 4.' all this ofcourse when the 399 price tag drops a bit.
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    Same here. Those 2 sound interesting. I'd love a less bug ridden GTA game, chances are Rockstar will take note and make GTA4 spectacular. Oh and Halo 3.

    My 360 time will come. but not at it's current price. for now I have a blast stealing goes on my brothers and mates 360. no commitment yet...

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